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    Here are all the classified ads with used Hitachi excavators for sale available for sale. Sort them by year of production, price, working hours or country. You can also find all used Hitachi excavators for sale grouped by model. In Mascus Brands section you can find informations about Hitachi excavators for sale.

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    • Hitachi EX230 LC-5 1998, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX230 LC-5Additional Information: Description: 1998 Hitachi EX230LC-5 9682 Hours Isuzu Engine 500 On New U/C New Turbo New Batteries Hydraulic Thumb New pins and bushings in bucket and stick Good Condition EXW: IN Contact Brad Snipes 214-741-1411 or

      Crawler Excavators
      1998, 9682 h
      United States

      45,000 USD

    • Hitachi ZX50U-3 2012, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX50U-3Additional Information: 2012 ZX50U-3 EXCAVATOR. Hydraulic thumb, rubber track, FMW. Operators Station: ROPS Booms: Standard Boom

      Crawler Excavators
      2012, 149 h
      United States, Freeport, FL

      49,950 USD

    • Hitachi ZX200LC 2004, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX200LCAttachments: Air Conditioner, Boom, One Piece, Bucket Size: 43in, Comments: Swing bearing was replaced about a year ago, Enclosed Cab, Guarding, Thumb, M

      Crawler Excavators
      2004, 8290 h
      United States, Eloy, AZ

      41,129 USD

    • Hitachi ZX240 LC-3 2008, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX240 LC-3Additional Information: Description: Cab, U/C 50%, Manual Thumb, Tooth Bucket, ExWorks: Washington D.C, Call Daniel Gooch more information at 443-995-3645 or, Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian, Amharic

      Crawler Excavators
      2008, 7200 h
      United States, Daniel - Washington D.C.

      58,900 USD

    • Hitachi ZX225USR 2002, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX225USRAdditional Information: Description: 24 Tracks, 40 Bucket, Zero Tail Swing, Isuzu Engine, Good Operating Condition

      Crawler Excavators
      2002, 9800 h
      United States

      39,500 USD

    • Hitachi ZX470 LC-5B 2014, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX470 LC-5BAdditional Information: Description: Call for info. Call to Rent.

      Crawler Excavators
      2014, 815 h
      United States

      On Request

    • Hitachi ZX200LC3 2011, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX200LC3Additional Information: Cab, Air, 9'7" ARM with aux. hydraulics. 32 " triple grouser track, pattern changer, air suspension heated seat, JRB coupler, 36 inch GP bucket Included in Price. Operators Station: Cab w/ AC#Cntrl Pattern Select Booms: Standard Boom

      Crawler Excavators
      2011, 2678 h
      United States, Naperville, IL

      145,000 USD

    • Hitachi ZX330LCH2 2004, Crawler Excavators


      Crawler Excavators
      2004, 8588 h
      United States, Shakopee, MN

      79,500 USD

    • Hitachi ex 120-2 2002, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ex 120-2Additional Information: Year 2002

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, Aurora, WV

      30,250 USD

    • Hitachi ZX35U-3 2012, Mini excavators  7t - 12t

      Hitachi ZX35U-3

      Mini excavators 7t - 12t
      2012, 864 h
      United States

      36,200 USD

    • Hitachi EX550LC-5 2000, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX550LC-5Additional Information: Cab, AC, 72" GP bucket, long track, 35" pads Operators Station: Cab w/ AC Booms: Standard Boom

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, Orlando, FL

      78,000 USD

    • Hitachi EX120-5E 2000, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX120-5EAdditional Information: Description: 36 Bucket, 28 Track Pads

      Crawler Excavators
      United States

      33,000 USD

    • Hitachi EX450LC 2000, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX450LCAdditional Information: Year 2000

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, Manchester, NH

      71,400 USD

    • Hitachi EX120-2 1993, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX120-2Additional Information: Description: EROPS w/ heat, manual thumb, wide pads, straight and tight

      Crawler Excavators
      1993, 6445 h
      United States, Southeastern Equipment Corp.

      28,500 USD

    • Hitachi ZX350 2010, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX350Additional Information: 10'6" Arm, Aux Hydraulics, JRB Coupler, 32" Shoes, Cab w/AC, Bucket NOT Included Operators Station: Cab w/ AC

      Crawler Excavators
      2010, 3387 h
      United States, Naperville, IL

      298,500 USD

    • Hitachi EX200 LC-5 1998, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX200 LC-5Additional Information: WITH SHINN SC390 TREE GRINDER

      Crawler Excavators
      1998, 10750 h
      United States

      139,500 USD

    • Hitachi ZX160 LC 2003, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi ZX160 LCAdditional Information: Description: Manual Thumb, 42 Bucket, 86 Wide

      Crawler Excavators
      2003, 8963 h
      United States

      46,000 USD

    • Hitachi EX 120 1995, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX 120

      Crawler Excavators
      United States

      25,000 USD

    • Hitachi EX550 LCE 1996, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX550 LCEAdditional Information: Description: Starts & runs good, 50% U/C, 72 bkt., 96 stick, Cummins engine, pilot controls, removable c/w system

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, Southeastern Equipment Corp.

      29,500 USD

    • Hitachi EX300 LC-3C 1996, Crawler Excavators

      Hitachi EX300 LC-3CAdditional Information: Description: 1996 Hitachi EX300LC3C Excavator. 95% new undercarriage unit ready for work izusu engine

      Crawler Excavators
      United States

      39,000 USD

    Hitachi Excavators (Diggers)

    Hitachi is a reputable company on the heavy construction machinery market. Hitachi's main products are hydraulic excavators, from mini vehicles to 780-ton large face shovels. They come with many attachments like rubber tracks, rotating beacon, cable buckets, ditching or grading buckets. No matter if you are interested in new or used Hitachi excavators, you can easily find various models available for sale in your area. Before you decide to buy you should do a detailed research in order to be able to choose a digger that best meets your needs.

    Currently there are six different models of Hitachi excavators produced. They are well known for their reliable, economical and powerful engines. All models feature an advanced monitoring system allowing an operator to check the excavator status easily. The system displays maintenance information what helps to keep the excavator in a good shape. What is more, it is able to locate failures as well as gives access to diagnostic information, therefore if a system problem occurs, the operator is informed straight away what is wrong and what the best solution is.

    Each model of Hitachi excavators is designed for a different purpose. The smallest model is the EX1200. If you are interested in larger size and improved capacity, you should choose an excavator with the higher number – 1900, 2500, 3600, or 5500.  The biggest is EX8000 designed for large scale operation. Regardless of which unit is the right size for you, you can be sure that all Hitachi excavators are high quality machines that will do the job for a long time.

    The most popular models of Hitachi excavators are:
    Hitachi ZX30 | Hitachi ZX50 | HITACHI ZX50U-2 | HITACHI ZX35U-2 | Hitachi ex30 | Hitachi ZX 16 | Hitachi ZX 27 | Hitachi excavator ex200