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    Here are all the classified ads with used Komatsu excavators for sale available for sale. Sort them by year of production, price, working hours or country. You can also find all used Komatsu excavators for sale grouped by model. In Mascus Brands section you can find informations about Komatsu excavators for sale.

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    • Komatsu PC138US LC 2012, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC138US LCAdditional Information: 2012 Komatsu PC138USLC in good overall condition with 1589 hours. Nice machine. This machine has a backup camera. Images & Videos

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, New Waterford, OH

      96,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC308US LC-3 2004, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC308US LC-3Attachments: AIR CONDITIONER, COUPLER, QUICK, LIGHTING, INSPECTED 8-13-15 @ 12,796 HOURS

      Crawler Excavators
      2004, 12820 h
      United States, Bensalem, PA

      46,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC35 2004, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC35

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, FL

      On Request

    • Komatsu PC200 LC-8 2012, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC200 LC-8: LA, Additional Information: HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR 19-23 TON

      Crawler Excavators
      2012, 2595 h
      United States, Alexandria

      115,000 USD

    • Komatsu PC220 LC-6LE 1999, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC220 LC-6LEAdditional Information: Description: EROPS w/ heat, solid older machine with good life remaining

      Crawler Excavators
      1999, 14488 h
      United States, Southeastern Equipment Corp.

      34,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC800 LC-8 2014, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC800 LC-8Additional Information: Description: 40" Shoes, 26'11" Boom, 15'1" Arm, Counterweight Removal Device

      Crawler Excavators
      2014, 658 h
      United States, Denver, Colorado

      997,150 USD

    • Komatsu PC200 LC-8 2012, Waste / Industry Handlers

      Komatsu PC200 LC-8Additional Information: Description: Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine, Tier 3, 44,110 lbs, Boom length 18'8", Stick length 9'7", Bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics, Hydraulic thumb sold separately, Eligible for extended warranty, GPS enabled, Maintenance history available upon request.

      Waste / Industry Handlers
      2012, 2962 h
      United States, St. Rose, Louisiana

      115,000 USD

    • Komatsu PC160 LC-7E0 2009, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC160 LC-7E0Additional Information: Description: CAB, A/C, 8 6 STICK, 36 BUCKET, 24 SHOES, AUX HYD. KOMATSU CERTIFIED B

      Crawler Excavators
      2009, 2685 h
      United States, Linder - Charlotte, NC

      105,000 USD

    • Komatsu PC220 LC-6LE 2000, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC220 LC-6LEAdditional Information: Description: Enclosed cab with heat. Long tracks, wide pads, long stick. Good undercarriage. Original paint with minimal damage. No leaks. Starts easily, burns clean exhaust. Good condition with a lot of life remaining.

      Crawler Excavators
      2000, 12000 h
      United States, Southeastern Equipment Corp.

      34,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC750 LC-7 2005, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC750 LC-7Additional Information: Komatsu PC750

      Crawler Excavators
      2005, 12937 h
      United States

      115,000 USD

    • Komatsu PC300 LC-7 2007, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC300 LC-7Additional Information: Description: Cab, A/C, 13 stick, 54 Hensley bucket, 33.5 pads, Komatsu diesel, excellent condition 27 dig depth, 79,000lb. operating weight

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, Global Construction Equipment

      167,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC290 LC 2012, Crawler Excavators


      Crawler Excavators
      2012, 2286 h
      United States, Aberdeen, SD

      180,000 USD

    • Komatsu PC600 LC-6 2000, Crawler Excavators


      Crawler Excavators
      2000, 10580 h
      United States, Shakopee, MN

      89,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC138US LC-8 2008, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC138US LC-8Additional Information: Description: Cab with heat & AC. Zero tail swing. Rear view camera. Auxiliary plumbing to the end of the stick. All cylinders dry. Tight turntable. Good undercarriage. One owner, very nice machine.

      Crawler Excavators
      2008, 5755 h
      United States, Southeastern Equipment Corp.

      59,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC228US LC-10 2014, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC228US LC-10Additional Information: Description: 31.5" Shoes, 18'8" Boom, 9'6" Arm, Hydraulic Control Unit

      Crawler Excavators
      2014, 988 h
      United States, Denver, Colorado

      193,850 USD

    • Komatsu PC490 LC-10 2012, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC490 LC-10Additional Information: Description: 112 Arm, 35.5 Track, Aux Hyd, Q.C., PSM Thumb

      Crawler Excavators
      2012, 1935 h
      United States, Road Machinery - Prescott

      339,000 USD

    • Komatsu PC160 LC-8 2012, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC160 LC-8Additional Information: Description: One used 2012 Komatsu PC160LC-8 with cab, a/c, standard boom, stick, 42 1.24 cubic yard gp bucket with teeth, manual thumb, auxiliary hydraulics. 32 triple grouser pads. Komatsu Certified B

      Crawler Excavators
      2012, 1837 h
      United States, Linder - Jacksonville

      131,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC150-5 1996, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC150-5Condition level grade (1-5): 3, Attachments: AIR CONDITIONER, BOOM, 1 PIECE, CARBODY, STANDARD, ENGINE ENCLOSURES, LIGHTING, CAB, AC, 1PC BOOM, 9'6" STK, KOMATSU 6CYL TURBO DIESEL, 36"

      Crawler Excavators
      1996, 5311 h
      United States, Enroute, MI

      37,500 USD

    • Komatsu PC240LC-10 2013, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC240LC-10: LA, Additional Information: HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR 24-28 TON

      Crawler Excavators
      2013, 2452 h
      United States, Alexandria

      175,000 USD

    • Komatsu PC210 LC-10 2013, Crawler Excavators

      Komatsu PC210 LC-10Additional Information: Description: Revolving frame undercover, track roller guards, 31.5 triple grouser shoe, HD 18'8" boom, HD 9'7" arm, hydraulic control unit, 10,406 lbs. counterweight

      Crawler Excavators
      2013, 1419 h
      United States, Denver, Colorado

      164,100 USD

    Komatsu Excavators | Komatsu Mini Diggers

    Komatsu is a world leader in manufacturing construction equipment and some innovative excavating machinery. In this ever changing world, there are more and more specialized construction needs to be fulfilled. Komatsu produces a wide range of models to suit all the project requirements.

    For urban construction, they offer several mini excavator models to choose from, like the PCO1-1, weighing only 300 pounds and equipped with a 3.5 hp engine. With its small overall size, that mini excavator is perfect for small projects like pipe laying or cable installations. It can be easily operated in back yards or between houses and farm premises.

    For medium jobs, there is the model PC50MR-2 with a sturdy 39.4 hp engine. It is bigger in size, yet the machine is still able to work safely in confined spaces, providing great results.

    For extremely tight and limited spaces, Komatsu has manufactured the PC78UU-6 model. The machine is their specially designed, minimal swing radius excavator. It has superior operating performance with a 54 hp engine and can pivot within the optimal range of its width. What an incomparable and cutting- edge feature for urban construction!

    Komatsu also manufactures a variety of machinery for other applications such as mining and road work. They will meet the customers’ excavating needs no matter how specialized they might be.

    Other models:
    Komatsu PC210LC-8, Komatsu PC40MR-2, Komatsu PC200 LC-8

    Other brands of excavators:
    Caterpillar excavators, Komatsu excavators, Volvo excavators, Hitachi excavators, JCB excavators