Material Handling

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How Mascus helps searching for used material handling equipment?

If you are thinking of purchasing second hand material handling equipment, please check the classified ads in different subcategories. Mascus presents a vast selection of used material handling equipment advertised by various by dealers or by forklift and logistic companies or lift trucks owners. Please remember, that Mascus neither owns the advertised items nor participates in the process of purchasing. If you wish to buy, you have to you contact the owner of the used material handling equipment  directly. If you have found a used material handling machine you wish to buy, you can use the seller's contact details given in the product card and send an e-mail or make a phone call. Please remember to mention Mascus, so our customers are aware that their ads with used material handling equipment for sale are successful.  

How Mascus helps putting on sale used material handling equipment?

If you or your company owns used material handling equipment and would like to sell it, Mascus is the perfect place. You can simply advertise your used material handling equipment on Mascus. Placing a classified ad is easy and simple. Please check our price lists to find information about the prices. Dealers who sell used material handling equipment regularly are offered special packages. To obtain information on the packages, please contact the Mascus USA team.

How Mascus assists to find used material handling equipment that is not advertised currently?

If you are not able to find the used material handling equipment, which you need to buy, you can use a ‘Want Ad’ service. You can fill in the form and specify your requirements (the brand and the type of the used material handling tools, year of production, location, price). Your inquiry will be send to all dealers placing used material handling equipment ads on Mascus. You can expect an offer directly from them. This service is free of charge. Place a Want ad now.

How Mascus helps financing or transporting the used material handling equipment?

In the product card of used material handling equipment, you can find logos of transportation and financial service companies that can help you. By clicking on one of them, you will be redirected to a form. Please fill it and submit to the respective company to obtain the quotations about the financial or transportation service. You can obtain more information on this service by clicking here.

How Mascus can help to safely buy used material handling equipment?

Mascus provides advertisements from both professional traders of used material handling equipment and from private sellers. We do not take participate in the transactions or take any commission. If you want to use Mascus's services safely and avoid unexpected situation, please read our General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Why to register if I just want to purchase a used material handling equipment?

Registration is free of charge and gives you lots of opportunities. The features that are available for registered users facilitate and speed up the process of browsing used material handling equipment, allow to easily compare the prices and send Want ads quickly, without providing the contact data several times as well as store information about favorite classifieds. Find out how to register.

How can I quickly find a local material handling equipment dealer?

Finding dealers of material handling equipment is very easy with Mascus Directory. Just indicate services connected with material handling equipment that you are interested in:

You can browse dealers by region (e.g. dealers from America), by country (e.g. dealers from United States) or by city (e.g. dealers from Miami, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Columbus and other cities in America).