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Dhollandia DH-VBZ - technical specs and operator's manuals.


Current number of specifications:  75,262

DH-VBZ, Dhollandia


Type: S=standard, F= foldable, K=cartridge, P=pendular folding, U=ground clearance for easy access, V= vertical lift

Dhollandia DH-VBZ - Specific Equipment:
Central lock-
Central lubrication-
Low noise
GGVS equipped-
Dhollandia DH-VBZ - Documentation:
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First year2000
Last year2013
Dhollandia DH-VBZ - Technical Specifications
Platform length
Platform width
Carr. capacity at distance
Construction type
Disclaimer: These specifications might not be an exact match for this machine model, in which case they should only be used as guidelines.
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