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Bomag BPR 30/38-3 - 2000-2007 technical specs and operator's manuals


Current number of specifications:  75,262

BPR 30/38-3, Bomag


Bomag BPR 30/38-3 - Specific Equipment:
Reverse running
Extension plate-
Remote control-
Sprinkling equipment-
Plate slip device-
Eccentric reverser-
Electrical starter-
First year2000
Last year2007
Bomag BPR 30/38-3 - Technical Specifications
Engine manuf.
Engine type
Engine power
Centrifugal force
Operating width
Vibrating frequency
Disclaimer: These specifications might not be an exact match for this machine model, in which case they should only be used as guidelines.
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Bomag BPR 30§38§32008 Details - Gross weight: 474 lbs, Engine: Honda, Engine power: 6 hp

Bomag BW11RH1997 Details - Unit Number: 150319-K2343, Hours: 1120 h, Serial Number: A222C1555U

Bomag BW212D-21996 Details - Hours: 2474 h, Serial Number: 281037

Bomag BW24R2006 Details - Unit Number: 11-1681, Hours: 1837 h, Serial Number: 20153061682

Bomag BW213D-42013 Details - Unit Number: 6715, Hours: 1257 h, Serial Number: 102000000000

Bomag BW284AD2010 Details - Unit Number: 54974, Serial Number: 901A22911023
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