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If you are looking for used trucks, trailers, and transportation vehicles, please browse our categories. Refine your list by make, model, price, location, or any of 13 search options. Sort your list 9 different ways, including hours and price!

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Selling used trucks and trailers with Mascus is simple and easy. Check our price list and then place your ad on our website. Dealers of used trucks and trailers qualify for special advertising rates. To find out more about our truck and trailer sales packages, please contact the Mascus USA team.

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Can Mascus finance and transport used trucks and trailers that are available on the website?

On the truck and trailer product cards we often list finance partners who can help you with financing your used truck and trailer purchase.

Transportation companies are also available on the product card for your services.

Click the company logos, fill out the contact form and receive from quotations directly by e-mail.

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What are security issues connected with purchasing used transport vehicles advertised on Mascus?

Mascus does not take part in the transaction and is not responsible for the content of the classifieds. Before making a purchase, please confirm all the details with the seller. Please read our General Terms of Use carefully.

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Mascus has prepared many additional features that simplify the search and comparison. The registered users can also send inquiries and Want ads for used transportation vehicles easier and faster, as they do not need to fill in their details each time. Registration is free and enables to get the most of Mascus' services.

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The most popular used trucks for sale on Mascus are:

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The Mascus Dealer Directory is a tool that helps you to locate truck, trailer, and vehicle dealers and service providers. To narrow the search results you should choose the type of services you are interested in:

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