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    Here is a list of currently available used Mercedes-Benz trucks for sale at You may sort the ads of Mercedes-Benz trucks by price, year of production, meter readout or country. There is also a list of all used Mercedes-Benz trucks grouped by model.
    You can also learn about Mercedes-Benz trucks in Mascus Brands section.

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    • Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404, 1963, Other Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404Condition level grade (1-5): 3, Engine power: , Gross weight: 2268

      Other Trucks
      United States, Orlando, FL
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      8,700 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 1117, 1984, Other Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz L1117/59Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Engine power: 346, Transmission: Manual, Front tire size: 22.5, Gross weight: 11340, Additional Information: Year: 1984Make: MercedesModel: L1117/59Odometer Meter Reads: 128,248Overall Interior Condition: PoorOverall Exterior Condition: GoodOther Attachments: Rapid Deployment Platform Truck18' Platform lift15' open wideDiesel platform engine

      Other Trucks
      1984, 49,517 miles
      United States, Youngstown, OH
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      12,500 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 1224 4x2 Viehwagen 1 Stock, 2007, Animal transport trucks

      Mercedes-Benz 1224 4x2 Viehwagen 1 StockCabin: Day cab, Engine power: 241, Transmission: Schaltgetriebe, Emission class: Euro 4, Gross weight: 12000, Body options: ABS, Color: Grün

      Animal transport trucks
      2007, 207,585 miles
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      35,626 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz AXOR 1828, 2006, Dump Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz Axor 1828K Kipper 4x2 neuwertigFront tires / undercarriage remaining: 80% / 80%%, Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Rear tires remaining : 80% / 80%%, Axle configuration: 4x2, Emission class: Euro 3, Suspension type: Leaf-leaf, Cabin: Day cab, Engine power: 279, Engine displacement: 6374, Transmission: Handgeschakeld, Front tire size: 315/80R22.5, Rear tire size: 315/80R22.5, Max. payload: 9300

      Dump Trucks
      2006, 6,431 miles
      Austria, Fõrnitz, Oostenrijk
      Contact seller24h

      32,108 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 2635, 1992, Dump Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz 2635 AK 6x6 Meiller dumper 16 m3Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Registration year: 1992, Engine power: 350, Transmission: Mercedes-Benz 16 versnellingen Handgeschakeld , Body options: Sun visor

      Dump Trucks
      Netherlands, Nijmegen, Nederland
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      On Request

    • Mercedes-Benz 2636, 2006, Curtain Side Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz 2636 LLRegistration year: 27.10.2006, Axle configuration: 6x4, Engine power: 360, Transmission: Schaltgetriebe, Gross weight: 16700, Wheelbase: 4800 / 1350, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 6100x2460x2680, Body options: ABS Heated mirrors On board computer Retarder/ Intarder Driver seat air-cushioned Heater Air conditioning Stereo Heated seats , Chassis options: Drawbar coupling

      Curtain Side Trucks
      2006, 272,719 miles
      Germany, 28816 Stuhr
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      On Request

    • Mercedes-Benz ATEGO 1218L, 2006, Box trucks

      Mercedes-Benz ATEGO 1218 LRegistration year: 2006, Manufacturer (body work): Mercedes-Benz, Emission class: Euro 3, Suspension type: Air-air, Engine power: 177, Engine displacement: 4249, Max. payload: 5069, Gross weight: 11999, Wheelbase: 536 cm, Body options: Air conditioning Stereo Electric windows Roof spoiler ABS Sun visor , Vehicle's outer dimensions: 77 80 x 24 30 x 24 3 , Production country: nl

      Box trucks
      2006, 303,755 miles
      Netherlands, Maarsbergen, Nederland
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      12,229 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 2628, 1989, Dump Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz 2628 6X6Registration year: 1989, Axle configuration: 6x6, Suspension type: Leaf-leaf, Cabin: Day cab, Engine power: 280, Transmission: Handgeschakeld, Gross weight: 26000

      Dump Trucks
      1989, 155,343 miles
      Belgium, Willebroek, België
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      32,946 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 1836 L, Obj.-Nr.: 0825/16, 2007, Tow Trucks / Wreckers

      Mercedes-Benz 1836 L, Obj.-Nr.: 0825/16Registration year: 2007, Demountable brand: NCH, Axle configuration: 4x2, Emission class: Euro 5, Suspension type: Leaf-air, Drive: Left hand, Engine power: 360, Transmission: Telligent Schaltgetriebe, Max. payload: 8040, Wheelbase: 5400, Chassis options: Drawbar coupling, Body options: ABS Roof hatch Sun visor Differential lock Twin bunks Electric windows , Color: Blau

      Tow Trucks / Wreckers
      2007, 412,714 miles
      Germany, 3-K-Weg 7, 28816 Stuhr
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      On Request

    • Mercedes-Benz 1820, 1998, Tank Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz 1820 BB - TANK 13.000LBody type: Petrolium products, Registration year: 1998, Manufacturer (body work): Mercedes-Benz, Axle configuration: 4x2, Emission class: Euro 2, Suspension type: Leaf-leaf, Engine power: 211, Engine displacement: 5958, Transmission: Mercedes-Benz 7 versnellingen Handgeschakeld , Front tire size: 295/80R 22.5, Rear tire size: 295/80R22.5, Max. payload: 9760

      Tank Trucks
      1998, 220,205 miles
      Belgium, HANDZAME, België
      Contact seller24h

      15,077 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 2031, 1997, Dump Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz 2031 akAxle configuration: 4x4, Engine power: 310, Transmission: Manual gearbox, Chassis options: Drawbar coupling, Color: White

      Dump Trucks
      1997, 181,373 miles
      Contact seller24h

      20,884 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2544, 2009, Curtain Side Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2544 ( + SAMRO : + 4500 € )Registration year: 2009, Manufacturer (body work): Mercedes-Benz, Axle configuration: 6x2, Emission class: Euro 5, Suspension type: Leaf-air, Cabin: Sleeper cab, Engine power: 435, Engine displacement: 11946, Transmission: Mercedes-Benz G211-12 KL 12 versnellingen Automa , Front tire size: 385/55R 22.5, Rear tire size: 385/55r 22.5, Max. payload: 154

      Curtain Side Trucks
      2009, 559,843 miles
      Belgium, HANDZAME, België
      Contact seller24h

      27,808 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 2527, 1995, Cab & Chassis Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz SK 2527 (STEEL SUSPENSION / BIG AXLES)Registration year: 1995, Axle configuration: 6x4

      Cab & Chassis Trucks
      1995, 312,549 miles
      Belgium, Bree, België
      Contact seller24h

      13,402 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz 2626, 1975, Dump Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz SK 2626 (STEEL SUSPENSION / BIG AXLES / V8)Registration year: 1975, Axle configuration: 6x4

      Dump Trucks
      1975, 115,575 miles
      Belgium, Bree, België
      Contact seller24h

      17,869 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER 316CDI, 2011, Curtain Side Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI Pritsche Plane MaxiEmission class: Euro 5, Engine power: 163, Engine displacement: 2143, Transmission: Schaltgetriebe, Gross weight: 3500, Body options: Central lock ABS , Color: Gelb

      Curtain Side Trucks
      2011, 272,929 miles
      Contact seller24h

      9,381 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 4141, 2010, Concrete Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 4141 8x4 EURO5 SCHWING 24M TOP!!!Axle configuration: 8x4, Engine power: 411, Transmission: Semi-automatic, Emission class: Euro 5, Gross weight: 32000, Body options: ABS Air conditioning , Color: Red

      Concrete Trucks
      2010, 88,327 miles
      Contact seller24h

      164,170 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz ECONIC 2628, 2004, Other Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz Econic 2628Date of latest inspection: 18.08.2015, Registration year: 27.12.2004, Axle configuration: 6x2, Engine power: 280, Transmission: aut, Max. payload: 11425, Gross weight: 24000

      Other Trucks
      2004, 132 miles
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      On Request

    • Mercedes-Benz 2540, 1999, Tank Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz 2540L tank ADR for DIESEL, EURO 3,vin 966Registration year: 1999-12, Emission class: Euro 2, Engine power: , Transmission: Semi-automatic, Body options: Air conditioning

      Tank Trucks
      1999, 553,640 miles
      Slovak Republic
      Contact seller24h

      13,290 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3241, 2007, Concrete Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3241Type: Mixer, Registration year: 2007, Axle configuration: 8x4, Engine power: 408, Transmission: 16 versnellingen, Emission class: Euro 5, Wheelbase: 420 cm, Suspension type: Leaf-leaf, Body options: PTO ABS ASR , Color: Wit, Pump information: Toepassingsmateriaal: beton Vermogen: 300 kW (408 PK)

      Concrete Trucks
      2007, 259,841 miles
      Netherlands, Vuren, Nederland
      Contact seller24h

      52,378 USD

    • Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529 L 16to. 2-Zonen Tiefkühler Carrier, 2010, Reefer Trucks

      Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529 L 16to. 2-Zonen Tiefkühler CarrierClimate control: Freezer, Registration year: 04.2010, Manufacturer (body work): LAmberet, Axle configuration: 4x2, Emission class: Euro 5, Wheelbase: 5360, Suspension type: Leaf-air, Drive: Left hand, Engine power: 290, Engine displacement: 6374, Transmission: 9-Gang Schaltgetriebe, Front tire size: 305/70 R 19.5, Rear tire size: 305/70 R 1

      Reefer Trucks
      2010, 142,336 miles
      Contact seller24h

      On Request

    Mercedes-Benz Trucks

    If you are looking for the best used trucks on the market, you need to decide on a prestigious brand that guarantees quality. Mercedes-Benz trucks are seen as the best of the best when it comes to used vehicles for sale. This image is not surprising when one takes into account the fact that Mercedes-Benz has a reputation for providing customers with exceptional vehicles that can be used for many years. If you are thinking of buying a Mercedes-Benz truck we encourage you to review the ads available at

    Top Models of Mercedes-Benz Trucks for Sale

    On the Mascus website you will find numerous offers on Mercedes-Benz trucks from around the world. A simple search form allows you to browse all ads, or restrict the results to the selected country, model or year of production.

    Depending on the model chosen, the Mercedes-Benz trucks can be used as private cars or company vehicles. They can for example be used for loading and other tasks related to work. Mercedes-Benz trucks are equipped with straight engines and flat engines. These vehicles have an attractive design and are easy to maneuver. If you care about quality, but have limited budget, you can opt to purchase a second-hand vehicle. Used Mercedes-Benz trucks may be in excellent condition and continue to provide maximum comfort and efficiency, while costing much less than the latest models.

    The most popular Mercedes-Benz Trucks na Mascus

    Mercedes-Benz 1017, Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2631, Mercedes-Benz 2540, Mercedes-Benz 1017, Mercedes-Benz Atego 1223, Mercedes-Benz 4141, Mercedes-Benz Actros 3244, Mercedes-Benz Actros 3244B