Mascus Inventory Management System

Mascus offers OEMs and any big or small dealer of used machinery and transportation vehicles the opportunity to benefit from our sales network management solution, called Mascus Inventory Management System.

Mascus Inventory Management System enables you to present all your dealers' and outlets' used equipment/trucks on your webpage, while facilitating the exchange of internal information.

What does this mean?

If your company consists of several offices/branches in different locations, and you would like to optimize the process of placing all used machines/trucks on your website, monitor sales and improve information flow between branches, then Mascus Inventory Management System is the right solution for you.

Web site:
Phone number:   1.866.749.2606

With Mascus Inventory Management System, you gain:

  • A used machinery section on your website
  • A secure and user-friendly standardized interface
  • A multilingual solution for all your international branches (input in your own language, visible in all major international and all European Languages)
  • An easy-to-use ad placement service
  • A search equipment function within all your outlets
  • Equipment management solutions (Stocklists Print, Export to Excel)
  • Possibility of storing sold machines information
  • Want Ads
  • Buyers' contact requests
  • Multiple sellers/users management
  • Mascus Publisher
  • E-mail Offer tool
  • Mascus Locator Directory product card

One product - multiple solutions!

If you are interested in learning more about our Inventory Management System solution, contact your country representative.