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Please find below ads of used ATVs from agriculture sector available on Mascus. Click all brands of used ATVs if you want to check the available used ATVs sorted by brand or narrow the search results of used ATVs by using refine search navigation on left hand side.

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About All-terrain Vehicle (ATV)

ATVs since their beginnings have been very popular among various groups of people all over the world. They are also called quads, four-wheelers of three-wheelers, depending on the number of wheels. They have low-pressure tires, a seat that resembles that of a motorcycle and handlebars for steering. The steering resembles that of a motorcycle, as the driver needs to shift their weight in order to steer the vehicle efficiently. This kind of vehicle is designed to handle a wide variety of terrains, hence the name. There is also a kind of ATV for two people, called tandem ATVs. The engine sizes of typical ATVs range from 49 to 1000 cc. They are produced by such brands as Honda, John Deere and Suzuki. Although there is much controversy linked to the injuries during ATV driving, they can be easily minimized by driving without a passenger and using protective eyewear, suitable shoes and a helmet.

ATVs in Agriculture

ATV is a great machine not only for entertainment, but also for agricultural use. They are an excellent idea if you have vast lands that need an efficient means of transport – such as a forest, an orchard or a golf course. It is not only useful, but also environmentally friendly – greenhouse gas emissions are relatively low in ATVs. If you decide that you need an ATV for your work, you can save much money by buying second-hand ATVs on the Mascus site. The used ATVs on the site come in various sizes, from different manufacturers and often have low working hours. Buying a used ATV on Mascus is easy – just check it out!

Buying ATVs

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Selling ATVs

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