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Tractors John Deere 8530

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John Deere 8530

As far as the powerful and durable farm machinery is concerned, John Deere 8530 model, with a 9-liter PowerTech Plus engine of 330 hp, is a true representative of that kind. Owing to the Itelligent Power Management, the machine’s operating capabilities can be increased to the unbelievable 365 hp, making the vehicle a real monster! This 10% of extra power is very useful while harvesting vast areas of land. Another mechanism that adds up to John Deere 8530 functionality is the AutoPower transmission, that allows reaching the speed of 31 mph with the relatively little rotational speed of 1750 rotations per minute. Owing to such a modern solution the operator is able to choose a desired working speed and the transmission is going to keep it intact.

More power – lower operating costs

The great power of John Deere 8530 engine allows the work efficiency to grow. The tractor’s designers did their best to make sure that using the vehicle will cause the operating costs to drop. And it is not all about the economical PowerTech Plus engine , which uses the Intelligent Power Management System and the ERG recirculation circuit, thus economizing on fuel consumption. Lower operation costs could be gained by the AutoTrack system which can be found in the default settings. That integrated system, supported by the GPS navigation allows to fully automatize the field work. Combined with the iTecPro system it provides the client with the model of traktor that doesn’t need to be operated manually.

Still a tractor, or Rather a spaceship?

The Deluxe Command View cab mounted in Deere 8530 tractor model looks like a spaceship cab. The spacious interior with the ergonomic steering elements fixed on the navigation desk is really impressive. All the clocks and touch pads are within easy reach. The whole cab has been well-muffled so that the noise level reaches 72dB and air-conditioned. All these features allow the John Deere 8530 driver to operate the vehicle easily, enjoying the comfort.