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Landini Tractors

In 1884, Giovanni Landini started a company to manufacture agricultural tractors in order to improve the practice of farming. However, before Landini could produce his first tractor prototype, he passed away in 1924. Carrying on the family business, Landini's sons continued the tractor project and in 1925 they produced the first authentic Italian tractor, a 30 hp product. Landini tractor company is still producing high quality agricultural equipment today and is based in Fabbrico, Italy.

Top Models of Landini Tractors for Sale

During the 1930's the Landini produced 40 and 50 hop tractors that were named Buffalo, Super and Velite. The first line of agricultural tractors were powered by a 40 hp semi-diesel engine and were manufactured until 1957.

In 1959, the Landini tractor company was purchased by the Massey Ferguson company. During 1959, the Landini tractor company produced the C35, the first crawler tractor made by the company. The 500 series tractors were manufactured in 1973 and consisted of two and four - wheeled tractors.

In 1989, part of the Landini company was sold again to ARGO SpA. In 2000, ARGO SpA bought the remaining shares of the Landini tractor company.

Today, the Landini tractor company is still a part of the ARGO SpA company and it manufactures a wide range of agricultural tractors including open field tractors, orchard tractors, crawlers and telescopic tractors.

The smallest tractor series is the Mistral series and they range from 40 to 55 hp. The compact design makes these tractors easy to maneuver in tight quarters. The Powermaster tractor is designed for large farmlands and can have up to 230 hp.

Landini manufactures three models of tractors designed for use in orchards. These models include the Rex Plat, Rex Cab and the Rex Cab and Plat. Landini also makes two crawler tractor models and one telescopic tractor.