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Used Belarus tractors for sale

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  • Belarus 250, 1981, Tractors

    Belarus 250 UTILITY TRACTORTractor type: Farm Tractor


    3,034 USD
  • Belarus 420, 1984, Tractors

    Belarus 420Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 57

    Canada, Waterloo

    2,723 USD
  • Belarus 820, 1992, Tractors

    Belarus 820Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Engine power: 79.12, Transmission: 9+2, Top speed: 40, PTO: 540/1000

    1992 355 h
    Sweden, Fritsla

    9,302 USD
  • Belarus 562 XD, 1995, Tractors

    Belarus 562 XDTractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Transmission: TransportDimensions, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: RearTyreCondition%, Front tire size: RearTyreSize, Front loader make: Quicke 430, Frontloader accessories: TractorEquipment

    1995 1,133 h
    Sweden, Skellefteå

    12,364 USD
  • Belarus 1025, 2012, Tractors

    Belarus 1025Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 110, Cabin: Regular, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 80%, Rear tires remaining : 80%, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Production country: BY, Additional Options: Front loader Front linkage Creeper Gear

    2012 1,298 h

    18,236 USD
  • Belarus t40, 1988, Tractors

    Belarus t40Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 90

    1988 6,000 h

    4,706 USD
  • Belarus MTZ 50, Tractors

    Belarus MTZ-50Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 70


    Netherlands, MIJNSHEERENLAND, Nederland

    3,824 USD
  • Belarus 952, 2006, Tractors

    Belarus 952.3Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cabin: Regular, Front tire size: 380/70R24, Rear tire size: 18.4R34, Front loader make: Isme 140L, Frontloader accessories: Snow Bucket Pallet Forks , Additional Options: Front loader

    2006 1,940 h
    Finland, Jokioinen, Suomi, Finland

    16,706 USD
  • Belarus MTZ 82, 1995, Tractors

    Belarus MTZ 82Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 82

    1995 4,000 h

    10,067 USD
  • Belarus 952.2, 2017, Tractors

    Belarus 952.2 MK 1STractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 95.17, Top speed: 37.5, Gross weight: 4450, Front tire size: 360/70/R24, Rear tire size: 18.4R34

    2017 5 h

    24,467 USD
  • Belarus 920, 2015, Tractors

    Belarus 920 UBRUGTTractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Engine power: 100, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 100%, Rear tires remaining : 100%

    2015 4 h
    Denmark, Aalestrup

    22,116 USD
  • Belarus 562, 1988, Tractors

    Belarus 562Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Cabin: Regular, Condition level grade (1-5): 3, Date of latest inspection: 10.10.2017, Guarantee: No guarantee. Trade sale., Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 40%, Rear tires remaining : 40%

    United Kingdom, Penrith, Cumbria

    5,270 USD
  • Belarus 1025, 2015, Tractors

    Belarus MTZ 1025.5Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 110.12, Transmission: 16/8, Cabin: Regular, Top speed: 36, PTO: 540/1000

    2015 5 h
    Poland, Białystok

    30,759 USD
  • Belarus 505, 1980, Tractors

    Belarus 505Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 2 WD, Engine power: 68

    Finland, Tornio

    4,270 USD
  • Belarus traktor m/frontlaste, 2017, Tractors

    Belarus traktor m/frontlasteTractor type: Farm Tractor

    2017 10 h
    Norway, Veggli

    23,448 USD
  • Belarus 952, 2009, Tractors

    Belarus 952Tractor type: Farm Tractor

    2009 1,494 h
    Denmark, Sjørup Traktor A/S tel. +45 97548300 - Kun eksport - Only for wholesale/export

    On Request
  • Belarus 920, 2014, Tractors

    Belarus MTS 920.2Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 80.22, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Top speed: 35, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 95%, Rear tires remaining : 95%, Front tire size: 360/70R24, Rear tire size: 15.5 R38, Additional Options: Forest cab

    2014 300 h
    Germany, Kunde

    On Request
  • Belarus 1523.3, 2017, Tractors

    Belarus MTZ 1523 1523.3Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 156.36, Transmission: 16/8, Cabin: Regular, PTO: 540/1000

    Poland, Białystok

    49,214 USD
  • Belarus 320.4, 2015, Tractors

    Belarus 320.4Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD

    2015 4 h
    Poland, Nowy Dwór Parcela

    12,164 USD
  • Belarus MTZ 952, 2017, Tractors

    Belarus MTZ 952.5 2017Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 95.17, Transmission: 14/4, Cabin: Regular, Top speed: 37, PTO: 540/1000

    2017 5 h
    Poland, Białystok

    29,081 USD

Belarus Tractors

Belarus Tractor International has been in business for 30 years now, and they have provided services and machinery mostly for the United States market for that time. Farmers are the main customers and the target group at the same time. Belarus Tractors come in a wide range of models, from 22hp air-cooled models to 300hp liquid cooled vehicles. They were designed and manufactured to live up to the expectations of all potential customers. The company also has several large service parts warehouses based in the United States to ensure that any part or service manual is readily available.

Top Models of Belarus Tractors for Sale

The biggest challenge that people face when they want to purchase a Belarus Tractor is the price of a new piece of equipment. Since most people don't have such a large amount of money on hand, purchasing a used tractor is a wise choice as they are more affordable and still likely to work for years to come. The European market has a great destination for Belarus Tractors for sale and for that reason there emerged the Mascus company website. Mascus offers popular models that date back to the 1970s and go through the current models. The primarily targeted customer group is the agricultural professional and this is evident because of the large inventory of machines 80hp and larger.

Good tractor companies and their products have overcome many obstacles and withstood the test of time. Belarus Tractor International is no exception to this rule. They have been selling their tractors around the world for 30 years, so it is no surprise that they continue to create a strong demand, even when on the used market.

Popular models:
Belarus 82, Belarus 820, Belarus Mtz 80, Belarus 1025.3, Belarus 1523, Belarus 80

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