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The New Valmet Line of Tractors

The new Valmet line of tractors (at present marketed under the name Valtra) has quite the influence over the automotive industry today. Starting with the lower powered A series, Valtra manufactures tractors and farm implements as large as 210 hp.

The A Series Valmet Tractor

With the most efficient power train in its class, the Valmet/valtra A Series is a reliable and lightweight work horse that can deal with most of the small to medium sized jobs you throw at it. The turning radius is tight, the center of gravity and wheelbase are wide, and the clearance is pretty good - all in all adding to a comfortable driving experience. As great as it can be, sometimes 78 hp just isn't enough to get the job done, and in those situations you need some bigger vehicle.

The C Series Valmet Tractor

It's smallest engine starts at 90 hp, so you know the C series is ready to do what is has been assigned to. Holding a delicate balance between power and agility, the C series was developed specifically with the concern for the needs of a livestock ranch. It has the agility and power balanced. Of course, there may be some chores that require an even bigger engine, and for that, we have the T Series.

The T Series Valmet Tractor

Ranging from 120 to 240 hp there is the Valtra T Series. The T series is not only equipped with one of the largest engines Valtra sells, but it also has some of the most advanced hydraulic and mechanical systems under its hood as well. Designed to tackle almost any task on a commercial farm or contracting job, the T Series is going to do well for the years to come.