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  • Zetor 5245, 1987, Tractors

    Zetor 5245Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 43, Front loader make: Metal Pless, Additional Options: Front loader

    1987 3,833 h

    8,211 USD
  • Zetor 5211, 1987, Tractors

    Zetor 5211Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 2 WD, Engine power: 45


    5,083 USD
  • Zetor 7745, 1992, Tractors

    Zetor 7745 - 4WDTractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Engine power: 81, PTO: 540/1000


    11,729 USD
  • Zetor 6245, 1988, Tractors

    Zetor 6245Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Engine power: 61, PTO: 540/1000, Production country: CZ


    10,556 USD
  • Zetor 3340, 1997, Tractors

    Zetor 3340Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 3 cyl., Engine power: 51, Transmission: 10-2 synchromesh, Cabin: Open, Front tire size: 11.2-24, Rear tire size: 16.9-28, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Gross weight: 3200, PTO: 540/1000, Front loader make: Hardy, Additional Options: Front loader

    1997 2,560 h
    Canada, Waterloo, QC

    14,075 USD
  • Zetor Forterra 100 HSX NEDSAT 30.000-, 2013, Tractors

    Zetor Forterra 100 HSX NEDSAT 30.000-Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 100, Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 100%, Rear tires remaining : 100%, Front tire size: 480/70x38, Rear tire size: 480/70x38

    2013 85 h
    Denmark, Vrå

    42,730 USD
  • Zetor 6045 MED LASTARE, 1983, Tractors

    Zetor 6045 MED LASTARETractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Engine power: 57.66, PTO: 540/1000, Front tire size: 11.2-24, Rear tire size: 16.9-30

    1983 4,973 h
    Sweden, Fritsla

    14,078 USD
  • Zetor 9641, 2008, Tractors

    Zetor FORTERRA 9641Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 95

    2008 1,690 h
    United Kingdom

    28,479 USD
  • Zetor 9641, 2007, Tractors

    Zetor 9641Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Cabin: Regular, Condition level grade (1-5): 3, Date of latest inspection: 15.11.2017, Guarantee: No guarantee. Trade sale., Front loader make: Trac Lift 260 SL, Additional Options: Front loader

    2007 6,703 h
    United Kingdom, Penrith, Cumbria

    21,856 USD
  • Zetor Proxima 95 Plus, 2013, Tractors

    Zetor Proxima 95 PlusTractor type: Farm Tractor

    2013 1,700 h
    Ireland, Birdhill

    On Request
  • Zetor 16145, Tractors

    Zetor 16145Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 6 cyl., Engine power: 160, Transmission: 16x, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Full service history: Yes, Amount of previous owners: 1, Hydraulic's output: 54, Top speed: 45, PTO: 1000, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 70%, Rear tires remaining : 90%, Additional Options: Air-conditioning Cabin suspension Air Brakes

    1,300 h

    On Request
  • Zetor 5711, 1976, Tractors

    Zetor 5711Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 54, Top speed: 25, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 60%, Rear tires remaining : 20%, Front tire size: 7.50-16, Rear tire size: 16.9R28


    3,465 USD
  • Zetor 7045, 1985, Tractors

    Zetor 7045Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Engine power: 70, Transmission: mechanical, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 30%, Rear tires remaining : 30%

    United Kingdom

    6,292 USD
  • Zetor 12045, 1982, Tractors

    Zetor 12045Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine power: 120, Gross weight: 4871.58

    United Kingdom, Liskeard, England

    On Request
  • Zetor FORTERRA HSX140, 2012, Tractors

    Zetor Forterra HSX140Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Engine power: 140, Cabin: Regular, Top speed: 40, PTO: 540/1000, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 85%, Rear tires remaining : 90%, Front tire size: 420/70 - 24, Rear tire size: 520/70 - 38

    2012 810 h
    Sweden, Knickarp

    On Request
  • Zetor 6718 2WD cab, 1973, Tractors

    Zetor 6718 2WD cabTractor type: Farm Tractor

    1973 2,400 h

    On Request
  • Zetor 11441 Forterra, 2007, Tractors

    Zetor 11441 ForterraTractor type: Farm Tractor

    2007 6,500 h

    On Request
  • Zetor Proxima 110 Power + loader ALO ZL 46, 2014, Tractors

    Zetor Proxima 110 Power + loader ALO ZL 46Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction: 4 WD, Cylinders: 4 cyl., Engine power: 109.993, Transmission: 24/24, Cabin: Regular, Engine displacement: 4156, Front tire size: 380/85 R 24, Rear tire size: 460/85 R 34, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 95%, Rear tires remaining : 95%, Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Date of latest inspection: 2016, Full service history: Yes

    2014 450 h
    Slovak Republic, Slovensko

    53,014 USD
  • Zetor 7011, 1983, Tractors

    Zetor 7011Tractor type: Farm Tractor

    Czech Republic

    On Request
  • Zetor 3511, 1971, Tractors

    Zetor 3511 tractor VIN 777Tractor type: Farm Tractor

    Slovak Republic

    2,945 USD

The Zetor Tractor Line of Products

Zetor company has been producing high quality tractors since 1946. From that time they have developed to be one of the most respected tractor manufacturers in Europe and in the world. Since that time Zetor has produced over a million tractors that are being used in almost 100 different countries. Their main plant is based in Brno, Czech Republic and it continues to put out products focusing on practicality combined with a pragmatic view on adding advanced features.

Top Models of Zetor Tractors for Sale

The company’s product line is most likely to appeal to customers who are looking for heavy duty, wellbuilt, rugged and durable tractors. These products often can be cheaper than what their competitors would charge for a similar model, if you choose to buy any of the used models. Zetor currently has four separate lines of tractors including Proxima, Silver Series, ProximaPlus and Forterra. Each of these carries similar themes and functions, but each serves a different primary purpose.

Proxima is the basic tractor offered by Zetor. It has a wide range of functions and upgrades, including mechanical cabin engineering. The Proxima line has a horsepower range of 60 to 90 hp. You can get either two-wheel or four-wheel drive versions. The Silver Series line of tractors is technologically more advanced and offers a bit more horsepower options. These models have a horsepower capacity of up to 107 hp.

The ProximaPlus builds off the rugged simplicity of the Proxima line but increases the size and amount of horsepower available. It is capable of getting 107 hp, which makes the tractor able to perform heavy-duty tasks with simple options available. Finally the Forterra line has the greatest horsepower of any Zetor tractors. These models are all built on heavy cast iron chassis and are capable of performing even the most complicated tasks.

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