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Farm equipment and machines from Deutz-Fahr

The products manufactured by Deutz-Fahr include tractors, telescopic loaders and combine harvesters . The company started up as two separate units, which merged into one in 1970. Nowadays Deutz-Fahr is a part of Same and the Deutz-Fahr brand, kown as Same Deutz-Fahr. The Same Group manufactures tractors, engines and other kinds of heavy machinery.

How to select agricultural machinery by a specific brand

Please look below. There is the box in which you can see a list of all types of combine harvesters, agricultural machines and tractors from Deutz-Fahr available on Mascus. They are divided in various categories so as to make it easier for you to find exactly the model you need.
Deutz-Fahr manufactures its heavy machinery with the help of motivated staff sharing the same responsibility. As a result, the customer gets a machine of the highest quality that meets all the requirements. In order to promote good quality, Deutz-Fahr has developed close cooperation with all departments. The company also uses High Quality Check, a 6 steps process which monitors quality standards. Thus, a good quality is assured all the way from the start of the production to delivery. Find used machines as Deutz-Fahr tractors, agricultural machinery and combine harvesters on Mascus.

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How to buy used tractors and agricultural machinery made by Deutz-Fahr

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