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Same tractors wine growing equipment

Same company’s name is the acronym that stands for the Societa Anonima Motori Endotermici. It is currently a part of the Same Deutz-Fahr group. It gathers the brands like Same, Lamborghini, Deutz-Fahr and Hürlimann. Nowadays, Same is among some of the leaders in production of tractors and agricultural machines. The company’s product range includes tractors, front loaders and wine growing machinery among others.

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Same was founded in 1942 in Treviglio by Francesco and Eugenio Cassani yet tractor manufacturing is older than that and started in 1927. Same took over Lamborghini's tractor manufacturing in 1972, then, four years later Hürlimann joined in, while Deutz-Fahr entered the group in 1995. Same tractors have contributed a lot to the modernization of agriculture industry. The company’s technological innovation, resulting in the excellent design of the vehicles, their efficiency and reliability can’t be underestimated. Undoubtedly, owing to Same tractors, cultivating fields became so much easier. Register and advertise on Mascus If you are already registered at Mascus, please log in to advertise. Otherwise, a new account will be created for you the moment you place an ad.

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