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Used Volvo backhoe loaders for sale

Here are all the classified ads with used Volvo backhoe loaders available for sale. Sort them by year of production, price, working hours or country. You can also find all used Volvo backhoe loaders grouped by model. In Mascus Brands section you can find informations about Volvo backhoe loaders.

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  • Volvo BL 70, 2014, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL 70Traction: 4 WD, Gross weight: 8605.98, Engine: VOLVO, Top speed: 36.53, Engine power: 90, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 7.35x2.38x3.69, Original color: YELLOW, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 75%, Rear tires remaining : 60%, Delivery terms: FOB

    Backhoe Loaders
    2014 2,200 h
    United States, 33054

    55,000 USD
  • Volvo BL 70, 2009, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL70

    Backhoe Loaders
    2009 1,905 h
    United States, Holtsville, NY

    39,000 USD
  • Volvo BL 70, 2014, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL70BTraction: 4 WD, Additional Information: Description: E-STICK, 4WD, AC, LOADER MULTI PURPOSE HYDRAULICS, BKT Express Financing Get a Inventory Location: Alta Detroit ROPS: Enc

    Backhoe Loaders
    2014 1,960 h
    United States, Detroit, Michigan

    75,165 USD
  • Volvo BL 60, 2014, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL60B

    Backhoe Loaders
    2014 960 h
    United States, Bear, DE

    41,000 USD
  • Volvo BL 60, 2006, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL60Traction: 4 WD, Additional Information: Description: CAB WITH AC, MULTI-PURPOSE BUCKET WITH FLIP-OVER FORKS, GOOD TIRES, RUNS GOOD Express Financing Get a Inventory Location: Mar

    Backhoe Loaders
    2006 6,923 h
    United States, St. George, South Carolina

    32,750 USD
  • Volvo BL 70, 2014, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL70BAttachments: OtherInformation

    Backhoe Loaders
    2014 1,934 h
    United States, Grand Rapids, MI

    43,900 USD
  • Volvo BL 70, 2014, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL70BTraction: 4 WD, Additional Information: Description: Express Financing Get a Inventory Location: Power Motive - Denver ROPS: Enclosed

    Backhoe Loaders
    2014 3,450 h
    United States, Denver, Colorado

    43,400 USD
  • Volvo BL 70, 2008, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL70Traction: 4 WD

    Backhoe Loaders
    2008 4,139 h
    Canada, Edmonton, Alberta

    36,671 USD
  • 40,458 USD
  • 40,458 USD
  • Volvo BL 61 B, 2008, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL, BL61, BL 61, B61, B 61Engine power: 95

    Backhoe Loaders
    2008 3,900 h
    Poland, Kraków

    36,282 USD
  • 40,458 USD
  • Featured
    Volvo BL 61, 2007, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL 61Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Traction: 4 WD, Gross weight: 8500, Body type: Fixed frame, Original color: желтый, Delivery terms: EXW

    Backhoe Loaders
    2007 5,450 h
    Russia, Москва, МО,Подольский р-н,п.Бережки

    35,663 USD
  • 13,051 USD
  • 13,051 USD
  • 13,051 USD
  • Volvo L 70 E, 1993, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo EL 70 EHC GårdsmaskinBody type: Articulated, Tyre brand: Michelin 20 5x25 XADN

    Backhoe Loaders
    1993 21,660 h
    Sweden, Staffanstorp

    On Request
  • Volvo BL 61 B, 2013, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL 61 BTraction: 4 WD

    Backhoe Loaders
    2013 5,500 h
    Russia, Санкт-Петербург

    42,163 USD
  • Volvo BL 61 B, 2011, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL 61 B | 3CX 4 CX TEREX TLB 860

    Backhoe Loaders
    Poland, PERZYCE, 42i

    30,017 USD
  • Volvo BL 71, 2008, Backhoe Loaders

    Volvo BL 71 PlusCondition level grade (1-5): 5, Traction: 4 WD, CE marked: Yes, Gross weight: 9527, Body type: Fixed frame, Engine power: 101.29, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 5.82 x 2.48 x 2.94 , Original color: Žuta - Siva, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 90%, Rear tires remaining : 90%, Production country: FR

    Backhoe Loaders
    2008 4,872 h
    Serbia, Kraljevo

    32,372 USD

Companies and entrepreneurs searching for some backhoes, need machines that will get a job done properly and efficiently. This means that they will require a backhoe that has a solid reputation for quality. In this case, the customers will be more than happy using Volvo backhoe loaders. To put it simply, the Volvo backhoe loaders are among the best machines of that kind that one could purchase.

There are many features one could look for in a Volvo backhoe loader. They are known for the power, durability, and great performance.
Volvo backhoe loaders are capable of performing tasks in shorter time, when compared to other machines of that type.
When looking for Volvo backhoes for sale, some may have doubts if used models can present the same performance as a new model. Such doubts are groundless, as long as the used model is in good shape. Then, it can handle any job you care to name just the same way a new model will.

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