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    Used Case excavators for sale

    Mascus has a wide variety of used Case excavators including top models such as the Case CX210, Case CX130 and Case CX80. Browse related categories including Case crawler excavators, Case wheeled excavators and Case mini excavators.

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    • Case CX 145 C SR, 2014, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX145CSR

      Crawler Excavators
      2014 2,715 h
      United States, Jackson, Tennessee

      79,500 USD
    • Case CX 145, 2019, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX145DSR

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, Baltimore, MD

      119,500 USD
    • Case 60, 2018, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX60C

      Crawler Excavators
      2018 807 h
      United States, Syracuse, NY

      59,900 USD
    • Case CX 130 D, 2019, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX130D

      Crawler Excavators
      2019 411 h
      United States, RINGGOLD, Georgia

      112,500 USD
    • Case CX 80, 2010, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX80

      Crawler Excavators
      2010 3,294 h
      United States

      34,500 USD
    • Case 880, 1981, Crawler ExcavatorsCase 880C

      Crawler Excavators
      1981 6,000 h
      United States, Millington,Maryland

      15,000 USD
    • Case CX 210 B, 2008, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX210B

      Crawler Excavators
      2008 5,621 h
      United States, Jackson, Tennessee

      54,500 USD
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    • Case CX 210, 2003, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX210

      Crawler Excavators
      2003 11,008 h
      United States, Sparrow Bush, New York

      31,900 USD
    • Case 300, 2016, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX300D

      Crawler Excavators
      2016 3,927 h
      United States, SC

      117,480 USD
    • Case CX 130 D, 2016, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX130D

      Crawler Excavators
      2016 3,408 h
      United States, North Port, Florida

      69,000 USD
    • Case CX 210 D, 2015, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX210D

      Crawler Excavators
      United States, Waldo,Ohio

      92,500 USD
    • Case CX 210 D, 2017, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX210D

      Crawler Excavators
      2017 1,794 h
      United States, Batavia, NY

      139,000 USD
    • Case CX 470 C, 2013, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX470C

      Crawler Excavators
      2013 5,343 h
      United States, RINGGOLD, Georgia

      139,500 USD
    • Case CX 350 D, 2016, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX350D

      Crawler Excavators
      2016 6,364 h
      United States, RINGGOLD, Georgia

      109,500 USD
    • Case CX 210 C, 2012, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX210C

      Crawler Excavators
      2012 6,365 h
      United States, Chesapeake, Virginia

      69,500 USD
    • Case CX 470 C, 2014, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX470C

      Crawler Excavators
      2014 7,591 h
      United States, RINGGOLD, Georgia

      129,500 USD
    • Case CX 250 D, 2016, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX250D LR

      Crawler Excavators
      2016 1,894 h
      United States, RINGGOLD, Georgia

      149,500 USD
    • Case CX 160 C, 2015, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX160C

      Crawler Excavators
      2015 2,630 h
      United States, RINGGOLD, Georgia

      94,500 USD
    • Case CX 36 B, 2015, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)Case CX36B

      Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
      2015 2,034 h
      United States, North Port, Florida

      On Request
    • Case CX 145 C SR, 2015, Crawler ExcavatorsCase CX145CSR

      Crawler Excavators
      2015 3,286 h
      United States, RINGGOLD, Georgia

      92,500 USD

    Among some of the most popular models of Case excavator are the Case CX50, the Case CX225 and the Case CX80. The CX50B is a crawler excavator that is popular for its reliability and power. Having huge potential for a variety of different construction applications makes it one of the most versatile pieces of machinery that can dig, transport, and clear land effectively. The Case CX225SR is a medium-sized crawler excavator that features an 18 bucket built for durability. This excavator can also handle a variety of different job types, and by using hydraulics, the Case CX225SR is an efficient answer for all sorts of digging questions. Lastly, the Case CX80 is a crawler excavator featuring a 24 bucket that can hold copious amounts of dirt on a construction site, and with a quick coupler, a pattern changer and hydraulic auxiliaries, its capabilities are wide-ranging. Each one of these popular excavators mentioned could be a great addition to your company construction sites.

    Among the largest of Case excavators is the Case CX210. This excavator perfectly mixes power and size with efficiency, featuring an Isuzu 6 cylinder Diesel engine and a 42 bucket. The increased power in the Case CX210 comes with added hauling ability on jobs, and for heavy-duty, large-scale projects, this excavator remains one of the best options available. The Case CX300 is another excavator that is large and strong, and it has a twelve foot arm that can be used for top-heavy jobs. For a speedy Case excavator, look no further than the aforementioned Case CX50B, which is smaller than the CX300 but still delivers in both power and agility. Depending on what you will require out of your excavator, something built with power in mind may be more useful than something that is smaller. Case remains one of the best excavator builders on the market because their wide-ranging array of machines can fit virtually any need for any construction company. Through carefully-crafted design and keeping practicality in mind during the process, Case routinely delivers in its products quality. Despite the differences mentioned of all of these excavator models, each one could be an ideal fit for specific types of construction work.

    Of the different types of excavators in today's industry, mini excavators remain one of the best heavy machines to manage and work a smaller construction site with. A miniature excavator is specialized for small to medium-sized jobs, but for larger-scale work, a crawler excavator may be a better option. These types of excavators are typically more powerful than miniature excavators due to increased size and digging capacity. Crawler excavators and some mini excavators alike both have a crawling apparatus for movement in less-than-ideal terrain, which consists of a gripping chain and wheels that makes for easy movement on the job. However, the main difference to note between mini excavators and traditional crawler excavators is the size differential. Depending on what type of business you run, or how large your construction projects tend to be, either style of Case -manufactured excavators could be a great option. If your business is heavily into construction projects such as skyscraper construction or other forms of mass-scale building, a heavier, more powerful used Case excavator may be more practical than a smaller one that is more mobile. However, crawler excavators can be specialized for balance in terrain that is rougher, making them one of the most important machines on any modern construction site.

    ConExpo/conAgg is one of the construction industry's largest conventions, and it features many different products and giants in the business. The next ConExpo/conAgg event is slated to be held in the year 2020, and it will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. Various machines like excavators, forklifts, and other heavy equipment will be showcased, and it is always a fantastic opportunity to network and learn about these unique construction industry innovations. For more information regarding ConExpo/conAgg next event, visit their website here. Through events like ConExpo/conAgg, the construction industry is able to move forward with a heightened sense of contemporary ideas, and the business is improved by reputable manufacturers such as Case leading the way.

    At Mascus USA, all of your Case excavator needs are readily able to be fulfilled. As one of the world's premier online databases of quality used construction equipment, finding the right Case excavator for your construction company or business is as easy as registering online and beginning to peruse Mascus USA's litany of different listings. If you are a seller of a used excavator, adding a listing on Mascus USA is a fantastic way to get your machine in front of a multitude of potential buyers on a daily basis. The scope of the Mascus USA database even expands internationally. For all of your heavy equipment needs, look no further than Mascus USA’s to find exactly what you have been looking for. Mascus USA’s database even encompasses machinery beyond the realm of excavators, leaving you with tons of options to choose from in order to accomplish all of your business tasks.