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Used Bobcat mini excavators for sale

In North America, few names go together in the heavy equipment industry as well as Bobcat and mini-excavators. As their name eludes to, mini-excavators are the smallest of the diverse assortment of excavators available around the world. These digging machines (sometimes called mini-diggers) sit on the body of what is more commonly known as a skid steer. While some skid steers sit on wheels, almost all mini excavators use tracks or crawlers to help provide optimal stability while being operated on rougher terrain. Mini diggers are defined by their dually-articulated hydraulic boom attached to the front of the machine by multi-directional joint.

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  • Bobcat 322 G, 2002, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 322GAdditional Information: Description: Excavator, OROPS, Backfill Blade, Adjustable Rubber Tracks, Aux. Hydraulics, (Showing 3957 Hrs.), S/N 223515390 Express Financi

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    United States, Miami, Florida

    14,000 USD
  • Bobcat 324, 2011, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)


    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2011 755 h
    United States, HOT SPRINGS, Arkansas

    17,500 USD
  • Bobcat E 42, 2017, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)


    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2017 320 h
    United States, Fort Wayne, Indiana

    48,750 USD
  • Bobcat 323, 2009, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 323Gross weight: 1664, Track width: No, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 153 in.x38.6 in.x86.7 in., Original color: White, Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 13.9, Additional Information: Reach farther and dig deeper with the 323. Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to only 39 inches to travel through gates or between home

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2009 2,290 h
    United States, Maspeth

    12,995 USD
  • Bobcat E 35, 2012, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat E35Additional Information: Description: OROPS, 24" Bucket, Auxiliary Hydraulics Inventory Location: Weaco Equipment ROPS: Open

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2012 2,040 h
    United States, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

    26,000 USD
  • Bobcat 325, 2008, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 325Additional Information: Description: orops, 3rd valve, rubber tracks, backfill blade SN: AAC51116 28 HP. 6,200 lbs. KUBOTA Diesel Engine Express Financing Get a I

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    United States, Miami, Florida

    18,500 USD
  • Bobcat E 32, 2012, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat E32Additional Information: Description: Hyd thumb quick coupler 70%T tracks Express Financing Get a Inventory Location: Bryan Heavy Equipment - ROPS: Open

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    United States, Oelwein, Iowa

    19,500 USD
  • Bobcat E 32, 2011, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat E32MAdditional Information: Description: THUMB HYDRAULIC, MANUAL Q/L BUCKET, 34in Bucket, DOZER LEVELING BLADE, AUX HYD Express Financing Get a Inventory Location: CE

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2011 4,120 h
    United States, Jackson, Tennessee

    32,500 USD
  • Bobcat 325 G, 2013, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 325 GEngine: KUBOTA

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2013 1,900 h
    United States, 33054

    25,000 USD
  • Bobcat 418, 2009, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 418Additional Information: Description: 2009 BOBCAT 418 MINI EXCAVATOR, CANOPY, 2' 8'' STICK, 10'' BKT, AUX HYD, SWING BOOM, DOZER W/EXTENSIONS, EXT. WIDTH U/C, PATTER

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2009 1,795 h
    United States, Miami, Florida

    16,000 USD
  • Bobcat 331 G, 2006, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 331GDate of latest inspection: Accessories, : OtherInformation

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2006 2,120 h
    United States

    25,500 USD
  • Bobcat 324, 2011, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 324Additional Information: Engine Manufacturer: Kubota Description: Excellent condition, just 1660 hours, good track, ready to work Express Financing Get a Inventory

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2011 1,660 h
    United States, Miami, Florida

    14,500 USD
  • Bobcat 328 G, 2005, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 328GAdditional Information: Description: with hydraulic thumb Express Financing Get a Inventory Location: L & L Equipment Sales ROPS: Open

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    United States, La Vergne, Tennessee

    19,000 USD
  • Bobcat 335 G, 2007, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 335GAdditional Information: Description: Express Financing Get a Inventory Location: Clayton Farms & Equipment ROPS: Enclosed

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2007 3,955 h
    United States, Finger, Tennessee

    22,500 USD
  • Bobcat E 35, 2009, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)


    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    28,198 USD
  • Bobcat 320, 1996, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 320 MINI EXCAVATOR

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    14,470 USD
  • Bobcat 430, 2008, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat 430Engine power: 43

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    Canada, Prince George, British Columbia

    33,393 USD
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    Bobcat E 62, Uthyres, 2014, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat E 62, UthyresGross weight: 6000

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    On Request
  • Bobcat E 10, 2017, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat E 10Condition level grade (1-5): 4, CE marked: Yes, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 65%

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2017 689 h
    United Kingdom, Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

    14,974 USD
  • Bobcat E 10, 2013, Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)

    Bobcat E10Condition level grade (1-5): 4, CE marked: Yes, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 60%

    Mini Excavators <7t (Mini Diggers)
    2013 2,189 h
    United Kingdom, Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

    11,342 USD

The concept for the base of mini-excavators was initially created in the late 1950s by farmers in the northwestern United States. However, it was not until the late 1960s that mini-excavators were first invented in Japan by a company called Yanmar. Shortly after its creation, Yanmars competitor Takeuchi began to produce their version of the compact excavator in 1971. It wasn’t until 1980s until mini excavators became popular in the United States. Bobcat led the way in the mini-digging market my making the mini-excavator hydraulic arms attachable to the front of their already prominent skid steer lines.

When it comes time for purchasing bobcat mini-excavators it is important to assess a number of different variables pertaining to the requirements of the project it will be used for. It is important to first consider the size of the area the mini-digger will be working in. For example, if the machine is needed in the forestry industry the Bobcat E32 its the most aptly built for traveling through narrow areas where other mini excavators can’t go. When it comes to pound-for-pound power though the Bobcat E55 seems to standout above the rest. Unlike the E32, which sits at 61 wide, the grounded base of the E55 spans well over 6 feet. This helps provide the piece of heavy equipment with the ability to grapple and swing burdensome objects that other excavators of its size cannot.

Bobcat's version of mini-excavators are called compact excavators. Their line consists of eleven different versions of a mini diggers ranging in size and a few other variables. Their smallest version, the Bobcat 418, is primarily used in more domestic areas for landscaping and is the only of its kind that features and open-air drivers cab. Another one of their relatively small units, the Bobcat E32, is built with a narrow stance giving it the ability to squeeze into more confined spaces but still maintains the lifting power of its competitors. Bobcat also produces a zero tail swing (ZTS) model of their signature excavator line called the Bobcat E45. The ZTS functionality gives the operating free reign in rotating the cab a full 360s. The largest of the Bobcat family is the E85 Compact Excavator. With a maximum reach at ground level of 23.9 feet as well as over 7 tons of bucket digging force the E85 proves itself as one of the most efficient machines amongst the other Bobcat models.

One of the worlds biggest construction and heavy equipment expos regularly features Bobcat and their full line of mini excavators. At its last convention, CONEXPO-cON/aGG teamed up with Bobcat of display two of the most popular mini-excavator models in the market. They also featured the new R-series compact excavator and allowed attendees to sit in and tryout the new operator cab style renovations. CONEXPO-cON/aGG takes place every three years in Las Vegas, Nevada with the next event happening in 2020. Alongside being able to see and experience the newest Bobcat mini-excavators you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with thousands of attendees, many of which work in the same industry with mini-diggers. There are also multiple educational sessions for you to expand your knowledge centered around digging and excavating.

With less than 20 official Bobcat dealerships around the United States finding the perfect mini-excavator for your business can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are online alternatives, such as Mascus, that will help find your future mini-digger. Mascus allows users to search for used heavy equipment and filter results by the most important criteria according to the user. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell your used mini excavator, Mascus can also provide you with a stress-free way to get your machine in front of millions of eyes. By registering on Mascus you will be ushered through a brief setup to have your mini excavator ad up in no time.