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    Used telescopic handlers for sale

    A telescopic handler, or "telehandler" is a piece of heavy equipment that is predominantly used in agriculture and construction work settings, and it is typically equipped with a boom that can be used for a variety of different things. With variations of this apparatus also known as "cherry pickers," this type of machine can sometimes be fitted with attachments for different types of specializations in labor. Telescopic handlers are used to reach high places, and can be fitted with buckets or pallet forks to move heavy materials to stack them on top of a tall shelf. Some of the most respected telescopic handler brands are Manitou, JCB, and Caterpillar, because their machines are trusted and have been used frequently over the years by different companies.

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    Some of the most popular types of telescopic handler are the Caterpillar TL1055, the Manitou MT8044, and the JCB 520-50. The Caterpillar TL1055 is a telehandler that carries a 10,000 pound capacity, and it has a 55' reach, making it both versatile and strong. Caterpillar is a brand of heavy equipment that specializes in manufacturing many different forms of machinery, and telehandlers are no exception. The Manitou MT8044 is a more compact telescopic handler, but it still delivers in a major way performance-wise. This particular model of telehandler is fantastic for use in rough terrain, thanks to its four wheel drive chassis, enclosed cabin, and standard pneumatic tires. Lastly, the JCB 520-50 is designed for forklift-style use, and its 4,400 pound lift capacity and fork lift height of 16 feet make it another great option, depending on what basic purposes you might need a telescopic handler for. Any of these telehandlers could mean huge potential for your line of work, and by getting a decent understanding of what popular manufacturers of telehandler exist, navigating heavy equipment sales listings as a whole can be made simpler.

    One of the biggest telescopic handlers is the aforementioned Caterpillar TL1055. This machine is best suited for work in heavy-duty jobs, and large scale projects. The size of this piece of heavy equipment can make its use in smaller projects inefficient, but it is regarded as a workhorse of a machine that can move serious weight. Another telescopic handler that is packed with power is the JCB 520. This piece of heavy vehicular equipment is more compact than the Caterpillar TL1055 , but it still delivers in terms of strength. Proportionally speaking, the JCB 520's 4,400 pound maximum lifting capacity is a great option for medium-scale projects, and its versatility can make it a great option for a variety of different tasks. Lastly, a fast type of telescopic handler is the Manitou MT625. This model of telehandler is equipped with a 74 horsepower engine, and with 4x4 traction, general performance on the job is never a liability. Each of these telescopic handler models are best used in a construction type of work environment, but their respective versatility still allows for them to make labor easier in many different facets.

    ConExpo/conAGG is a major construction exhibition that the industry participates in on a semi-yearly basis. At this event, some of the most prominent names in construction technology are represented, and telehandlers that are made by a wide variety of manufacturers are on display. The next ConExpo/conAGG event is slated to be held in 2020, from March 10-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For individuals that are seeking to gather more information on any types of heavy equipment for construction purposes, this event can serve as a fantastic way to learn and connect with those who are heavily prominent in the industry. Manitou, Caterpillar, and JCB are all regular exhibitors at this world-class expo. Besides telehandlers, multiple other styles and variants of heavy machinery will be on display, making ConExpo/conAGG a great celebration of mechanical innovation, as well as a peek into the future of the construction industry.

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