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Used waste compactors for sale


What are waste compactors?

For industrial use, one of the most popular types of compactors is the road roller, used to compact such materials as gravel, soil, asphalt and concrete during road construction. There are also so-called plate rollers that have a vibrating plate, thus using this mechanical force to compact materials. If you need a waste compactor for small-scale use, you can also buy a hand-held compactor that will help you compact trash in containers. If you find that what you need is one of these machines, Mascus has thousands of used waste compactors that you can browse easily. If you are looking for a particular type of used waste compactor, please use the search box above. Later you can filter the results by brand, manufacturer, model, price, location, etc. Mascus offers used waste compactors from such well-known manufacturers as Caterpillar, Wacker, Ingersoll Rand, Bomag and Dynapac. Just have a look and see that there are numerous models that can be recommended by anyone who has used them. You can find compactors with various working hours and in various condition that is described in detail in the advertisement. You can also find many additional equipment for you compactor and save a lot of money by buying used machinery on Mascus! Try also registering on our site – this way you can make a list of your favorite advertisements, place "Want Ads" if you cannot find the machine that meets your needs, and many more!

How to buy used waste compactors on Mascus?

Buying used waste compactors of Mascus is very easy. First of all, you have to find the compactor that you are interested in either by browsing the full list of machines or by searching for a particular make or model that you need. In each advertisement about a used machine for sale, there are the contact details of the seller, such as their name, their company name, telephone number and e-mail address, which you can use to contact the dealer directly. Mascus is only a marketplace and we don't own any of the machines that are advertised on our site. Direct contact with the seller allows you to fulfill the transaction in a way that is suitable for you and lets you avoid paying commission on sales. If you need additional information about transport, repairs or other services, check the right side of the advertisement for names of our partner sites.

How to sell used waste compactors on Mascus?

Selling used waste compactors on Mascus is not a difficult task either. First of all you have to register as an End User on the site. Simply fill in the registration form and give the administration 24 hours to accept your application. Then you can start selling your used machines and equipment. If you have more machines for sale or want to deal in them on a regular basis, you have the option of registering as a Dealer. Mascus is a great help both for sellers and buyers!