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    Used wheeled excavators for sale

    This is a complete list of used wheeled excavators for sale. To compare ads, click on the checkboxes next to used wheeled excavators for sale that that you are interested in and then choose one of the options below. To narrow your search results in the category of used wheeled excavators or to change your query, use the "new search" option.
    Mascus offers you the best deals to buy or sell used wheeled excavators and other used construction & road building machines
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    • Caterpillar M 318, 1996, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M318Additional Information: Description: 6 ft cleanup bucket & wrist, 6 cyl Caterpillar turbo, manual thumb, 2-section boom, 40k lb size class Inventory Location: Brook

      Wheeled Excavators
      1996 4,912 h
      United States, Phillipston, Massachusetts

      27,500 USD
    • Caterpillar M 318, 1998, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M318Engine power: 140, Additional Information: Engine Manufacturer: Caterpillar Description: MAKE OFFER!!! This 1998 Caterpillar M318 Wheeled Excavator features EROPS with Good Heat and

      Wheeled Excavators
      1998 2,605 h
      United States, Weatherford, Texas

      59,500 USD
    • Volvo EW 180 B, 2004, Wheeled Excavators

      Volvo EW180BAdditional Information: Description: Enclosed cab with heat and A/C, aux hydraulics, very straight metal,tilting grading bucket, clean cab, solid tires Inventory Lo

      Wheeled Excavators
      2004 7,121 h
      United States, Chesapeake, Virginia

      36,500 USD
    • Daewoo DH 200 W, 2002, Wheeled Excavators

      Daewoo SOLAR 200W VAdditional Information: Description: Enclosed Cab with heat and A/C, low hours, 60” grading tilting bucket, Good running machine, tight all around, Straight metal I

      Wheeled Excavators
      2002 4,772 h
      United States, Chesapeake, Virginia

      55,500 USD
    • Caterpillar M 318 D, 2013, Wheeled Excavators


      Wheeled Excavators
      2013 1,838 h
      United States, Batavia, NY

      On Request
    • Caterpillar 214 B FT, 1990, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar 214B FTAdditional Information: Description: 1990 Caterpillar 214B FT Tire Excavator for sale, Serial No: 9MF0025X Ready to go, Contact us for further details. Inventory Lo

      Wheeled Excavators
      United States, Waldorf, Maryland

      18,000 USD
    • Badger 888, Wheeled Excavators

      Badger 888Additional Information: Engine Manufacturer: Detroit Description: CAB WITH TELESCOPING BOOM AND SMOOTH BUCKET, DETROIT DIESEL, 13 SPEED TRANSMISSION, RUNS AND WORKS

      Wheeled Excavators

      United States, St. George, South Carolina

      28,900 USD
    • Caterpillar M 318 C, 2004, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M318CAdditional Information: Description: 2.8m(9.2') Stick, 2 Piece Boom, 4 Outrigger, CAT Wrist o Twist, Aux Hydraulics, CAT 3056E 151HP Diesel, Operating Weight 39,242

      Wheeled Excavators
      2004 11,302 h
      United States, North Haven, Connecticut

      59,000 USD
    • Caterpillar M 315, 2002, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M315Attachments: OtherInformation

      Wheeled Excavators
      2002 6,783 h
      United States, Willow Springs, MO

      42,500 USD
    • Caterpillar M 315 D, 2014, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M315DAttachments: ATTACCO, BEACON

      Wheeled Excavators
      2014 3,888 h
      United States, Bronx, NY

      90,000 USD
    • Caterpillar M 316 C, 2003, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M316CAdditional Information: Description: Pemberton rotating grapple, a/c, 2-section boom, 6 cyl Cat turbo, 39k lb size class Inventory Location: Brookside Equipment

      Wheeled Excavators
      2003 7,023 h
      United States, Phillipston, Massachusetts

      52,500 USD
    • Caterpillar M 316, 2017, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M316FAttachments: OtherInformation

      Wheeled Excavators
      2017 311 h
      United States, Raleigh, NC

      On Request
    • Sennebogen 825 M, 2005, Wheeled Excavators

      Sennebogen 825MAdditional Information: Inventory Location: Bruce Equipment ROPS: Enclosed

      Wheeled Excavators
      2005 2,690 h
      United States, Spartanburg, South Carolina

      55,000 USD
    • Caterpillar M 313 D, 2014, Wheeled Excavators


      Wheeled Excavators
      2014 909 h
      United States, Binghamton, NY

      219,000 USD
    • Liebherr A 934 C, 2007, Wheeled Excavators

      Liebherr A934CAdditional Information: Inventory Location: Heavy Machines Inc.

      Wheeled Excavators
      2007 10,341 h
      United States, Memphis, Tennessee

      198,000 USD
    • Caterpillar M 322 D, 2011, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M322DAttachments: OtherInformation

      Wheeled Excavators
      2011 520 h
      United States, Cedar Rapids, IA

      220,000 USD
    • Gradall XL 4100, 1997, Wheeled Excavators

      Gradall XL4100Additional Information: Description: Fleet Maintained, Work Ready - Cummins Power Upper & Lower. 5400 Hours (Upper). Xtra Boom Included. Call Jim Gagain at 860.836.

      Wheeled Excavators
      United States, Skippack, Pennsylvania

      16,900 USD
    • Caterpillar M 320, 2015, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M320FAttachments: Air Conditioned ROPS Cab w/ AC & Heater, 70/30 Cab w/ Comfort Seat, VA Boom (two piece), 8'2'' Stick, Blade & Outriggers, Cat Machine Securi

      Wheeled Excavators
      2015 1,455 h
      United States, Miami

      199,500 USD
    • Caterpillar M 320, 2002, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M320

      Wheeled Excavators
      2002 7,732 h
      United States, Poughkeepsie, NY

      36,800 USD
    • Caterpillar M 315 D, 2013, Wheeled Excavators

      Caterpillar M315D

      Wheeled Excavators
      2013 5,149 h
      United States, Bloomingburg, NY

      89,000 USD

    Wheeled Excavators – what are they?

    Wheeled excavators are machines that consist of a boom, stick and bucket on a rotating platform called a "house", placed on a platform on tracks and wheels. The operation of an excavator is based on hydraulic or cable mechanism. The range of uses for excavators is enormous – they can be used not only for digging, but also for material handling, forestry work, demolition, lifting of heavy objects or mining, thanks to a large number of possible attachments and accessories. A very interesting use of an excavator is the underwater excavator which is used to dig out underwater mineral deposits. So, if you work in construction, a professional excavator is a must. If you are considering buying a wheeled excavator, take a look at what we offer on Mascus USA in the category of Used Wheeled Excavators. You can browse through thousands of used excavators from all over the world in various prices and with various history. There is also additional equipment for excavators available, such as buckets with and without teeth, thumbs, mini-hitch couplers, axles and many more! The most popular manufacturers of used wheeled excavators on Mascus are Caterpillar, Case, Hitachi, Gradall and Hyundai. The top bought excavators are a range of Caterpillar machines – Caterpillar M 318, Caterpillar M 322, Caterpillar M 316, Caterpillar M 315 and so on. However, there are also numerous brands of other popular excavators. You can see the whole list of used wheeled excavators or use the search box to find a particular type, manufacturer or model of the machine. Then you can sort the results according to price, location, make, etc. You can also register on the site in order to get access to more Mascus features, such as creation of favorite ads list or place your own classified ads. As you will see in a moment, buying and selling used wheeled excavator on Mascus is very simple.

    How to buy used wheeled excavators on Mascus?

    When you find the used wheeled excavator that meets your requirements, you have to check the contact details of the seller in the advertisement. Their name, company address, telephone number, e-mail address are there so that you can contact the seller directly. This is why Mascus does not collect commission on sales. If you can't find the used wheeled excavator that you are looking for, after registration you can place a "Want Ad" for this machine, which will be sent to all the Dealers on site who trade in excavators and they will contact you if they can supply such a vehicle for you. We remind you that Mascus does not own any machines that are advertised on the site – we are only a marketplace.

    How to sell used wheeled excavators on Mascus?

    If you want to sell your used excavators, you have to register as an End User on the site. You simply fill in an on-line form and wait 24h for the site administration to verify it. Then you can start adding advertisements concerning your used machines for sale. The buyers will contact you directly if they are interested in what you offer. If you have more machines for sale or want to sell and buy them on a regular basis, you have to register as a Dealer in order to get access to more advanced features on the site. Then you will receive „Want Ads” from buyers, which will enable you to sell even more of your machines. Mascus is an intuitive site that helps both sellers and buyers in their transactions on heavy machinery!