Solutions for OEMs

Mascus provides support for OEMs

We provide dealers and traders with the tools to help them build sales and reach new customers. Mascus also works with Original Equipment Manufacturers and Trading Organizations to help OEM dealers sell their used equipment and transportation vehicles.

Reach out to your reps and network

Through Mascus and our OEM tools, you can provide information, support and advertising for your representatives in different regions or countries, operating in different markets and market conditions. These tools assist you in coordinating within your network to increase your business and trade around the globe.

Mascus OEM support tools

More than just a marketplace for used machinery, Mascus offers many tools that OEMs can use to support and reach out to regional reps:

  • E-mail Offers – Quickly and easily send your inventory or special offers to potential buyers.
  • Plus Solution – Create a website for your inventory and place ads in 2 places with one ad, both on Mascus and on your unique stock site.
  • Import / Export Tools – Easily import or export your ads and offers to other portals.
  • SMS Notification – Receive buyer contact requests via SMS on your mobile phone, great for reps on the road.
  • Mascus Publisher – Create customized leaflets, catalogues, magazines for your dealer network across the world.
  • Intranet – Utilise our sales network management tool. Present all your dealers' and outlets' used equipment/trucks on your webpage, and exchange internal information across your network.
  • Brand Pages – Promote your brand and help your local dealers with a brand page that lets visitors read about your brand offer and find used machinery and trucks in their local area.
  • Banner Advertisements – Build your brand presence online and link to your page on Mascus or your own website.

Talk to us about your requirements

If you are interested in receiving detailed information about any of our products or would like a demonstration of how Mascus can support you as an OEM or trading organization, please contact your local country representative.