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Excavators Caterpillar 320

One of the heavy machinery industries most solidified and well respected brands is that of Caterpillar Inc. While Caterpillar has manufactured hundreds of types of machines for industries across the globe, one of its most recognizable models is its crawler excavator, the Cat 320. An excavator is a piece of heavy machinery primarily used for breaking surfaces and digging. As its name hints at, crawler excavators are propelled by crawler tracks. These tracks help provide traction and stability while the bucket at the end of the hydraulic arm is digging or lifting and moving material. The operator is able to control the bucket and the arm from the 320s enclosed driver cab. The two joints on the arm allow the operator to have a full range of digging motion whether the excavator is on an incline or decline.

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The Caterpillar name first originated as a joke from a bystander that the early crawler tracks make the tractors look like they were crawling like caterpillars. The name stuck. The crawler feature then mixed with technologies that originated from the late-1880’s hydraulic buckets. Originally used to dig in shallow water for building docks, Sir W.G. Armstrong & Co. British invention made its way across the pond for the two technologies to finally combine in the 1950’s creating crawler excavators. These bulky and comparatively inefficient early versions laid the way for effective machines like the Cat 320.

Most purchasers that pick a used Cat 320 as their crawler excavator of choice do so because they are looking for medium-sized machine at a reasonable price. Caterpillar certainly has larger excavators that move more material at once than the 320, but size isn’t everything in the heavy equipment world. Speed and maneuverability are major upsides to this mid-sized machine. Buyers should also assess what type of job they are looking to accomplish with an excavator. Even though the Cat 320 is the smallest of the mid-sized excavators from Caterpillar, it’s much too large for landscaping or small roadside projects. Most 320s can be found on construction or mining operations. The combination of such an efficient machine for its size as well as the added lower price point for buyers investing in a used machine helps used Cat 320s be one of the most popular pieces of resold heavy machinery on the market.

While Cat 320s (and most excavators, for that matter) are predominantly used for digging, there are actually over 10 completely different functionalities they are capable of. They are able to accomplish this by detaching their commonly seen bucket and replacing it with a handful of different attachments. For pipe or post digging, excavators can be attached with a spiral digging piece called and auger that allows the machine to dig straight down into the earth creating a near-perfect cylindrical hole. When there is material that needs to be removed or placed in a dump truck, Cat 320 operators can quickly attach a thumb onto an already existing bucket that will allow more loose materials to be seized and safely maneuvered. Conversely, if the material to be moved is more formed, such as large pieces of scrap metal or trees, the 320 can be fitted with a symmetrical grapple in order to secure the contents of the job.

One of the most thorough displays of Caterpillars impressive lineup of machines like the Cat 320 takes place at CONEXPO-cON/aGG. Occupying one of the exhibits biggest areas, heavy machinery lovers are able to walk around, look at, and sit-in the newest excavators models from Caterpillar grand display. The area is also full of knowledgeable representatives from CAT that attendees can talk to and ask questions to learn further about their excavators and attachments. CONEXPO-cON/aGG takes over Las Vegas once ever three years for one week, attracting businessmen and machinery operators alike from all around the world. The next event will take place March 10-14, 2020, filling seven buildings and even more outdoor areas at the Las Vegas convention center area.

Many in the market for Cat 320s are beginning to turn to online resources like to find the machine with the exact requirements that they are searching for. By browsing the Mascus online database you can see over one thousand used Cat 320s for sale. Once you find the right excavator, Mascus will step out of the way and let you contact them directly. Likewise, if you intend to sell your used Caterpillar 320, you can complete a simple signup process at Mascus to get your used machine broadcasted all around the world to potential buyers.