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Forestry Skidders for Sale

A skidder is a piece of heavy machinery that is used predominantly in forestry jobs. This type of heavy equipment is designed to extract cut-down trees from a forest or wooded area for harvesting or land-clearing efforts. Some of the leading manufacturers in the skidder industry are John Deere, Caterpillar and Tigercat. Each of these brands have years of proven reliability and durability in their products' respective performances, and are used by many logging companies for efficient transport of lumber on a daily basis. Forestry skidders in particular are amongst some of the most crucial types of vehicular machinery for any logging business because they can help companies save monumental amounts of time, revenue, and labor.

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Some of the most popular models of skidders are the John Deere 648, the Caterpillar 540, and the Tigercat 630. These skidders are some of the most widely used with some of the world's premier forestry companies, and each have certain specializations that differentiate them. The John Deere 648H is a skidder that has a dual arch grapple, as well as dual steer mode options. This skidder carries a fair amount of power with it, and a 127" winch allows it to grab logs and other forms of foliage for easy transportation. The Caterpillar 525C is a skidder that has a built-in 14.4' grapple and also has HD axles. The 525C is adept at pushing materials, in addition to its hauling capabilities. Lastly, the Tigercat 630 is a dual arch skidding machine that is equipped with a Cummins engine and 30.5-32 tires, making it durable and capable of remaining steadfast while pushing, moving, or pulling enormous amounts of weight. All of these models of skidders are amongst the most popular designs that each respective manufacturer has crafted, and can be easily relied on in virtually any type of general forestry work to get the job done correctly.

One of the biggest types of skidders in terms of size is the Caterpillar 545C. The Caterpillar 545C is equipped with a 19’ grapple, and has 35.5 Firestone tires, giving it unparalleled power and an enormous potential for moving massive lumber. This machine is best for large forestry endeavors. The way that it is able to pull out logs that have a large circumference gives the Caterpillar 545C an advantage over some of its smaller counterparts in the skidder lineup. Another powerful type of skidder is the John Deere 648H. A dual arch skidder that has a 130” grapple and SWEDA axles, this impressive piece of machinery refuses to compromise on performance. The 748L’s enclosed cabin also prioritizes operator comfort, in addition to offering the operator supreme amounts of power. Lastly, a fast skidder model is the John Deere 648H. This machine is both versatile and agile in terms of its operating station and steering. Each of these different models of skidder could be a great addition to your forestry equipment collection, and their ability to move cut trees of significant size in preparation for a construction project or for lumber harvesting is valuable to the industry. However, as will be discussed in the following paragraph, its important to have a solid understanding of both what different types of skidders exist, as well as any respective proficiencies that certain models may have before committing to a purchase.

Skidders used for forestry are mainly divided up into two categories: grappling skidders and cable skidders. A grappling skidder is a type of forestry machine that has the ability to pick up multiple logs in a single sitting. Cable skidders are more limited, but they still can offer unbridled amounts of efficiency for moving logs. Skidders vary in terms of specialization, and which one you decide to purchase should directly hinge on what types of jobs are needed to be completed with it. For basic removal of medium-sized trees, a skidder that has a smaller, less powerful grapple may be more cost-efficient. However, for large scale clearing of wooded areas, something that balances speed with added strength may be a better option. Most skidders are proficient at being able to perform well in rougher terrains, and tires that are grooved with extra gripping capability can serve their operators well in wetter, muddier areas. Thankfully, Mascus USA has a wide variety of different skidder models listed on its online database, so that you can easily compare and contrast machines until you find one that fits your specific circumstances.

The South West Forest Products Expo was recently held at the Hot Springs Civic and Convention Center earlier this year. At this convention, several large names in the forestry and logging industries were present, showcasing products and detailed information. The South West Forest Products Expo is already planning another event from August 20-26 in the year 2019. This will no doubt be an informative experience for those who would like to get more involved with the forestry business. One of the Platinum sponsors of the event in 2017 was the aforementioned John Deere Construction and Forestry Company, and as a premier manufacturer of all things skidders, the brand’s longstanding positive reputation was upheld.

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