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Used utility tool carriers for Sale

This is a list of used utility tool carriers for sale. You can add the classifieds that meet your expectations to favourites or quickly compare the offers. To narrow the search results or change your query, use the "new search" option. Fill the form to indicate the brand, model, price and/or location to see available used utility tool carriers for sale.
Mascus is the web’s largest marketplace for buying and selling used utility tool carriers and other used landscape & garden equipment.
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  • Vermeer S650TX, 2014, Utility Tool Carriers

    Vermeer S650TXDate of latest inspection: 8/10/2017, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Gross weight: 1197.48, Body type: Fixed frame, Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 25, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Top speed: 7.24, Production country: US, Additional Information: Used 2014 model Vermeer S650TX. Designed with t

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2014 879 h
    United States, Little Rock, AR

    18,500 USD
  • Club Car CLUB CAR, 1992, Utility Tool Carriers

    Club Car CLUB CAR

    Utility Tool Carriers

    978 USD
  • Featured
    Carraro Rondo 333, 2009, Utility Tool Carriers

    Carraro Rondo 333 4x4 lame neige + tondeuseGross weight: 1000, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Body type: Articulated, Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 29.9117, Traction: 4 WD, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Accessories: Adjustable Snow Plough

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2009 166 h

    16,147 USD
  •  PARKTRAC FEJE/SUGE, Utility Tool Carriers


    Utility Tool Carriers

    Denmark, Videbæk

    20,133 USD
  • Ladog Ladog G129 4x4 Winterdienst Schild Streuer 50KM/H, 2002, Utility Tool Carriers

    Ladog G129 4x4 Winterdienst Schild Streuer 50KM/HGross weight: 3500, Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 79.12, Traction: 4 WD, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Top speed: 50, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 3.56, Production country: DE, Accessories: Sand Spreader Snow Bucket Additional Hydraulics

    Utility Tool Carriers
    Germany, 90530 Wendelstein

    16,626 USD
  •  PARKTRAC D1 30 KM-T, 2017, Utility Tool Carriers


    Utility Tool Carriers
    Denmark, Videbæk

    52,493 USD
  • Lydersen MULTI-TRAC L327-4, Utility Tool Carriers

    Lydersen MULTI-TRAC L327-4

    Utility Tool Carriers

    Denmark, Videbæk

    8,021 USD
  • Carraro 4400 HST, 2005, Utility Tool Carriers

    Carraro SP 4400 HSTCondition level grade (1-5): 3

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2005 3,200 h
    Denmark, Roskilde

    7,234 USD
  • Vitra City 2000, 2002, Utility Tool Carriers

    Vitra City 2000

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2002 1,469 h
    Denmark, Hjørring - Overskudsauktion

    On Request
  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 290, 2007, Utility Tool Carriers

    Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 290Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 176.7, Traction: 4 WD, Transmission: Gear, Top speed: 90, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 40%, Rear tires remaining : 40%, Front tire size: 365/80 R 20, Rear tire size: 365/80 R 20

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2007 6,520 h
    Germany, Hagelstadt

    43,060 USD
  • John Deere 1565, Utility Tool Carriers

    John Deere 1565

    Utility Tool Carriers

    Denmark, Hadsten

    On Request
  • Kubota 420R, 1999, Utility Tool Carriers

    Kubota 420RGross weight: 3600, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Body type: Articulated, Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 39.43, Traction: 4 WD, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Steering: Bed frame, Top speed: 20, Front loader: Yes, Front loader make: 420R, Hydraulic's output: 59, Front tire size: 33x12 5-15" , Rear tire size: 33x12 5-15"

    Utility Tool Carriers
    1999 4,600 h
    Finland, MIKKELI

    21,703 USD
  • Vredo VT 3326, 2000, Utility Tool Carriers

    Vredo VT 3326Engine: Diesel, Engine power: 330

    Utility Tool Carriers
    Netherlands, Drachten, Nederland

    On Request
  • VPM B18 Shorty Power Unit, 2005, Utility Tool Carriers

    VPM B18 Shorty Power UnitCondition level grade (1-5): 5

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2005 920 h
    Denmark, Sorring

    12,056 USD
  • Toro WORKMAN 2110 / 2050E, Utility Tool Carriers

    Toro WORKMAN 2110 / 2050E

    Utility Tool Carriers

    South Korea

    7,162 USD
  • Stiga Belos pro m/ frontmont. klipper,kost og Snefræser, Utility Tool Carriers

    Stiga Belos pro m/ frontmont. klipper,kost og SnefræserCondition level grade (1-5): 2

    Utility Tool Carriers

    Denmark, Skanderborg

    7,877 USD
  • Vitra 2037 Eco Demo maskine med A/C, 2015, Utility Tool Carriers

    Vitra 2037 Eco Demo maskine med A/C

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2015 275 h
    Denmark, Tilst

    37,776 USD
  • Kärcher MC 50, 2017, Utility Tool Carriers

    Kärcher MC 50Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Engine power: 26

    Utility Tool Carriers
    Denmark, Lemvig

    58,996 USD
  • Egholm 2100, 2004, Utility Tool Carriers

    Egholm 2100Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Engine power: 21

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2004 3,000 h
    Denmark, Tinglev

    7,234 USD
  • Nimos DM301, 2002, Utility Tool Carriers

    Nimos DM301Condition level grade (1-5): 2

    Utility Tool Carriers
    2002 1,095 h
    Denmark, Hadsten

    12,844 USD

What are utility tool carriers?

Utility tool carriers are a type of vehicles that are a base for various attachments based on wheel loaders. The idea that one machine could have many functions thanks to easy replacement of its utility parts originated about 60 years ago. In 1954, Volvo, the pioneer of tool carriers, introduced its „quick coupler”, which allows for quick change of attachments thanks to an attachment bracket. Most utility tool carriers have front linkage that provides parallel lift. It enables not only to keep a load level for the whole lifting arc, but also to keep the breakout force nearly intact from the lowest to the highest lift level. Such a design helps to lift heavy loads high into the air. However, the companies often offer different solutions and the buyers can choose between a parallel lift and a Z-bar, which is better for excavators, or combine the two. In general, utility tool carriers are quite similar to loaders or small bulldozers and are excellent for small-scale work in which you need to change the attachments easily. If you are looking for such a machine, Mascus comes in handy – it is a large on-line heavy machinery marketplace where you can find thousands of advertisements for used utility tool carriers. You can browse the full list of used utility tool carriers or use the search box on the top of the site to search for a particular model. You can also filter the list according to different criteria, such as location or price, in order to find a used machine that meets your needs. On Mascus you can find used utility tool carriers from such well-known manufacturers as Taylor Dunn, Bobcat, John Deere, Carraro or Belos, but also from less well-known brands. You can find just what you are looking for thanks to extensive descriptions in the advertisements. It is also worth registering, as then you can add your own classifieds, make lists of favorite ads to check out again later, and if you can't find the machine you are looking for - post „Want Ads”, which are sent by the administration to all dealers who sell used utility tool carriers. The Dealers then contact you directly if they have the machine you are looking for. Selling and buying used utility tool carriers on Mascus is just as easy as it sounds like!

Buying used utility tool carriers on Mascus

If you find the used utility tool carrier that you want to buy, take a look at the advertisement – there are the details on the machine, but also the contact information of the seller, such as their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. This information is there for you so that you can deal directly with the seller and avoid paying commission on sales. If you need other services, such as financing, transport, spare parts, evaluation or other, check out the links on the site – our partners surely have something tailored to your needs.

Selling used utility tool carriers on Mascus

If you have a utility tool carrier for sale and decide to use, you first have to register. You can register as an End User if you only have one machine for sale, or as a Dealer if you want to deal in machines regularly or have a stock of them fore sale.