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Ilica 251
10000 Zagreb
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About the company

KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. for the production and marketing of building materials;

The Kamen Sirač company from Sirač, which has always kept the keyword "Kamen" in its name through all social and economic changes, has been in existence for more than 130 years.

Their application in construction, metallurgy, agriculture, and similar fields guarantees us respectable business partners, and a wide range of products, a modern approach to production and marketing, and constant quality control guarantee their satisfaction.

The Sustainability Report sublimates our results and aspirations, our approach to business, the market and our business development. The methodology of the report is prescribed at EU level. To the selected company of companies that manage sustainable development according to the European guidelines for 2007. we joined and became a full member of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development. The report will be produced annually for the previous year.

Production range:

- Stone materials:

Rock materials are natural products of different chemical composition (limestone rocks, dolomite rocks) and different granulations (in accordance with customer requirements and legal provisions), and are used most in construction. According to the granulometric division, the stone material is classified into two groups of products of the commercial name "aggregate" and "crusher".

- Tucanici:

The commercial name "crushed stone" is usually understood to mean rock material of limestone and / or dolomite origin of granulation greater than 31.5 mm. It is used in civil engineering for embankment and leveling, for maintenance of railway infrastructure, as drainage, for backfilling of canals and in similar construction works as well as in industry. It is produced from its own raw material bases by dolomite deposits in Sirač.

- Aggregates:

The commercial name "aggregate" in the market refers to stone material of limestone and / or dolomite origin of granulation less than 31.5 mm used in construction. It is produced from its own raw material bases by dolomite and limestone deposits in Sirač.

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    Specializing in:

    • excavator NEW HOLLAND E 385
    • crawled excavator New Holland
    • bager NEW HOLLAND E 385
    • bager gusjeničar NEW HOLLAND
    • NEW HOLLAND E 385 raupenbagger
    • rabljen bager gusjeničar
    • raupenbagger New Holland
    • escavatore cingole New Holland
    • Excavadoras de cadenas
    • Pelle sur chenilles NewHolland

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    The company specializes in excavator NEW HOLLAND E 385, crawled excavator New Holland, bager NEW HOLLAND E 385, bager gusjeničar NEW HOLLAND, NEW HOLLAND E 385 raupenbagger, rabljen bager gusjeničar, raupenbagger New Holland, escavatore cingole New Holland, Excavadoras de cadenas, Pelle sur chenilles NewHolland.