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Volvo excavators for rent

Here you can find Volvo excavators available for rental.

Volvo excavators are extremely common in North American construction sites. In particular, the Volvo EC210 seems to get the highest recognition amongst all of the company’s other models. The EC210 falls on the more small-to-medium side of the Volvo line and because of this is arguably one of its most versatile machines. Far easier to transport than large models such as the EC480E, the 210 has a shipping length of 32 feet. But don’t let the relatively smaller size of this excavator fool you, with its gross power of 160 horsepower, its digging mechanism is able to unleash a max torque of 455 pounds per foot.

One of the most impressive of the Volvo excavators is hands down the EC750D. Not only is it the most powerful machine in its respective lineup, the EC750D also dwarfs all of its fellow digging machines. Standing nearly 13 feet tall, 37 feet long, and 14 feet wide, the tracks of the base are required to be up to 3 feet wide and nearly 20 feet long to move, support, and provide traction for the the EC750D. The striking specifications of this machine go well beyond its imposing structure, however. With the entire unit weighing over 166,000 lbs it requires a robust engine to drive it. When the engine is operating at 1,800 rpm the EC750D maintains a gross power of 516 horsepower. This stalwart engine also helps power the machine’s knuckled hydraulic arm and bucket or other attachment dependent on the job it is being used for at the time. When attached with a bucket, the EC750D is able to reach nearly 38 feet out or nearly 24 feet down to scoop the earth. Along with its impressive reach, the bucket is able to apply an incomparable 76,885 lbs. per foot of breakout force. With its pulling motion this excavator is able to accomplish a tear out force of 73,962 lbs per foot. When unloading its bounty onto a nearby pile or into a dump truck the arm of the EC750D is able to reach a max dumping height just short of 30 feet. This extra dumping reach is beneficial in difficult environments where a truck or trailer may not be able to get close to the excavator. With buckets that are able to to hold 5.8 yards-cubed of earth or debris the EC750D is able to withstand working with weights up to 5.5 tons.

Volvo’s line of excavators is anything but monotonous. From many years of production Volvo now has hundreds of models and variations of excavators available on the used heavy equipment market. On the broader end, these machines can be broken up into a few different categories typically based around their size, wheelbase, and the industry or environment that they are used in. Most frequently, Volvo’s digging line can be found on construction sites that require the ground to be altered in some way. These construction machines are typically referenced as crawler loaders. Their little brother is the second Volvo excavator most frequently seen around North America. These smaller alternatives are referred to as mini excavators or mini-diggers. While these more compact machines are used for some smaller construction or roadside projects, the are most routinely used in the landscaping arena. The mini-diggers are often split into two categories based on their own sizes: greater than 7 feet long and less than 7 feet long. Both the mini and crawler excavators have a variation called wheeled excavators. As their name depicts, wheeled excavators sit on a set of four wheels in stand of tracks. When operating on roads, caterpillar tracks can often tear asphalt. Using heavy-duty rubber tires allows excavators to travel more effectively on roads and also achieve longer distances. However, because they are much smaller, tires provide far less traction for stability. To resolve this, wheeled excavators are fitted with stabilizing legs that can be lowered to provide support while the hydraulic arm is digging. When an excavator is required to dig deeper or reach higher than a standard crawler they will be equipped with an arm that is significantly longer than its original. These variations are called long excavators or high reach excavators.

Every two years people from all around the world gather to talk learn, network, and explore the world of construction equipment, like Volvo’s excavator line, at an event called The International Construction & Utility Equipment Demo Expo. With over 25 acres of expo area attendees can wander about the many displays and events. At the last ICUEE Demo Expo Volvo featured 8 of their newest models that people were allowed to look at, sit in, and discuss with the machines with their expert representatives. The next Demo Expo will take place in Louisville, Kentucky on October 1-3 in 2019.

Many construction companies have turned away from the new machine market and now focus on buying quality used excavators. If you are in the market for a Volvo excavator consider online locations such as Mascus that allow you to effortlessly browse make, model, and style with their search and filtration systems so you can find the exact Volvo excavator you need. Similarly, if you are interested in selling your used Volvo excavator Mascus has a brief registration page that can get you signed up and your excavator in front of potential buyers immediately.