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Mitsubishi forklift trucks for rent

Here you can find Mitsubishi forklift trucks available for rental.
  • Mitsubishi FB16N, 2008, Electric ForkliftsMitsubishi FB16N

    Electric Forklifts
    2008 3,800 h

    100USD / DAY378USD / WEEK1,004USD / MONTH
  • Mitsubishi FB20KT, 2005, Electric ForkliftsMitsubishi FB20KT

    Electric Forklifts
    2005 3,857 h
    Finland, Järvenpää

    112USD / DAY768USD / MONTH
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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Having bought a Mitsubishi forklift truck, you know you have acquired a reliable piece of equipment that is going to last for years. Mitsubishi Forklift Company is a leader in the heavy industry, with their products being sold in Europe, North America, and Asia. This means that it is easy for the customers all around the world to find replacement parts for your Mitsubishi forklifts. No matter what kind of job there is to perform, Mitsubishi forklift trucks are ready to take the challenge.

Top Models of Mistubishi forklifts

The Mitsubishi FD 25K is a 4 wheeled counterbalanced truck with a 2500 kg lift capacity and a 2140 mm maximum lift height. If you need a machine with greater lifting powers, check out the FD 35-600 model. That Mitsubishi forklift features a 3500 kg lifting capacity, a 3500 mm lifting height, and 1100 mm fork length. You may also get interested with the Mitsubishi FD30 model, with a 3000 kg maximum lifting capacity and 4000 mm maximum lifting height. The FD 30NT can also boast a 4360 kg transport capacity. Each of the described Mitsubishi forklift trucks are powerful machines, comfortable to use and easy to operate.

If you look for the vehicle to perform minor duties, you can choose among a wide selection of Mitsubishi forklift trucks. There is a whole line of smaller electric powered forklifts available.