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Linde forklift trucks for rent

Here you can find Linde forklift trucks available for rental.
  • Linde H80D, 1998, Diesel ForkliftsLinde H80D

    Diesel Forklifts
    1998 12,134 h
    Poland, PŁOCK

    76USD / DAY355USD / WEEK1,369USD / MONTH
  • Linde H30T, 2012, LPG trucksLinde H30T-01

    LPG trucks
    2012 11,875 h

  • Linde E25, 2013, Electric ForkliftsLinde E25H-01/600

    Electric Forklifts
    Poland, Zgierz

    89USD / DAY304USD / WEEK963USD / MONTH
  • Linde H25T, 2013, LPG trucksLinde H25T

    LPG trucks
    2013 13,541 h
    Poland, Zgierz

    76USD / DAY304USD / WEEK913USD / MONTH
  • Linde H60, 2011, LPG trucksLinde H60T

    LPG trucks
    2011 9,800 h
    Poland, Płock

  • Linde H80T900, 2011, LPG trucksLinde H80T900

    LPG trucks
    Poland, Zgierz

    304USD / DAY1,268USD / WEEK3,296USD / MONTH
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Linde forklift trucks – the best for 150 years

The first Linde forklift trucks appeared on the market in 1929. 2007 was a special year for the company and its brand as their 500,000th forklift came off the production line. Throughout that time Linde has been perceived as a leader in forklifts production as it designed machinery which has offered excellent maneuverability, energy efficiency, and ergonomics. The Linde forklifts have also been known for low service costs. It is possible due to several reasons. First of all, Linde uses parts of the highest quality that are covered or capsulated to prevent damage from weather. Secondly, none of the parts are located under the battery or a pivoting seat system therefore there is an easy access to parts that need to be changed. Additionally, Linde has good diagnostic software and offers help in 220 dealers across the United States.

Which Linde forklift truck should you choose?

Class I - combustion engine forklifts, for example H16D, H18D and the H200D. Their weight capacity varies from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds, maximum RPM is 2,100, speed: 7 MPH attained at an RPM of 1,050. They are easy to maintain - no greasing of the tilt cylinder or mast mounting required - and are equipped with no-friction brakes. Due to good maneuverability, they ensure high productivity.

Class II - very narrow aisle electric lift trucks such as H25Dt, H30DT and the H35DT. Their weight capacity is 2,200 to 3,300 pounds for the K-modular 10, 13 and 15. If you need a forklift with better capacity, check one of the following models: R14, 16, 16N, 16HD, R20, R20N or R20W which have a weight capacity up to 4,500 pounds.

Class IV - combustion engine forklifts counterbalanced with cushion tire. They are capable of handling loads up to 6,500 pounds. Similarly to previously mentioned models, they are easy to maintain.

Class V - combustible engine counterbalanced with pneumatic tire lift trucks. Thanks to hydrostatic drives they are unbeatable in terms of performance and reliability. Weight capacity is between 3,000 and 40,000 pounds.

Class VI - side loaders. There are four models available, their weight capacity ranges from 6,000 to 13,000 pounds.

As you can see, there are many types of Linde forklifts designed for different purposes. No matter if you are interested in new or used forklift trucks, the Internet should be a great source of information and offers.

The most popular models of Linde are:
linde h30 | linde l12 | linde h25 | linde E12 | Linde E16 | Linde H30 | Linde R14 | Linde H20 | LINDE H35

Among Linde machines you can also find:
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