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New Holland agricultural harvesters for rent

Here you can find New Holland agricultural harvesters available for rental.
New Holland company produces reliable and easy to maintain farm and construction equipment, used all around the world. Combine harvesters are among the most useful and powerful of all the agricultural machines making farmers’ life so much easier. If you are interested in purchasing your own model, visit Mascus USA, the electronic platform offering buy and sell pages of the used machinery.

The most popular models of New Holland harvesters

The New Holland line of combines includes New Holland twin rotor combines, New Holland super conventional combines, New Holland headers and New Holland forage harvesters. So far, the New Holland twin rotor combine has remained the biggest machine of that kind in the world. New Holland model delivers about 40% percent higher centrifugal force than the comparable brands offering combines for similar or even lesser price. New Holland conventional combines are in turn the fastest and quietest of all the products available in the whole combine harvester line. All models are powerful and available in moderate price limits. As for the headers, these are used to harvest corn and other grain products. That group includes corn headers, chopping corn headers, auger headers, draper headers and pick-up headers. New Holland also manufactures forage harvesters, which come respectively as pull-behind or self-propelled models. These are used mainly to chop down loads of crops and feed for all sorts of agricultural purposes. Then, there are the crop choppers, used to chop down the blades of grass, as well as mow weeds or top potatoes and beets.