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Caterpillar mini excavators < 7t (mini diggers) for rent

Here you can find Caterpillar mini excavators < 7t (mini diggers) available for rental.

Caterpillar mini excavators

Caterpillar Inc. also known as "CAT" is one of the largest manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment. The company was founded in 1925 in the USA and is now present on every continent. Caterpillar mini excavators (diggers) seem to be renowned on the market for being dependable and effective. The brand has a reputation for reliability and longevity.

Top Cat mini excavators for sale

Caterpillar mini diggers are between two and six tones in weight. The smaller the excavator, the easier it is to maneuver, but on the other hand the less strength it can offer. Caterpillar mini diggers are ideal for digging trenching for pipes and cables, setting up pools or ponds, digging ditches, cutting foundations for extensions and general landscaping jobs. As the manufacturer claims, the diggers are easy to operate, equipped with quiet spacious cab, and fuel efficient. What is important, it is easy to quickly change attachments, whenever there is a need.

All in all, if you are in the market for a mini excavator or digger, you should consider Caterpillar mini excavators as they are reliable, durable and offer high standard of operation. No matter if you want to buy new or used, it should be easy to locate and interesting machine in your area. You can search online – there are many offers at pages.

The most popular Cat models are:
Cat 740, Cat 420, Cat 980, Cat 140, Cat 320, Cat 140, Cat 966H