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Caterpillar rollers for rent

Here you can find Caterpillar rollers available for rental.

Caterpillar rollers

The Cat collection of rollers includes a broad selection of productive and reliable machines. They are available with smooth or padded drums for ideal soil compaction. The Caterpillar rollers can be used in various conditions. A good combination of weight, balance and horsepower gives them the stability, power and traction required for continuous, efficient operation. As all Caterpillar machines, the rollers are durable, reliable, designed for heavy-duty operations and easy to maintain. They also offer exceptional operator visibility, maneuverability and ease of operation.

Caterpillar rollers for sale

The range of Caterpillar rollers for sale includes:

  • Smooth drum vibratory soil compactors - suitable for use on granular materials.
  • Padfoot drum vibratory soil compactors - for use on cohesive and semi-cohesive materials.
  • Pneumatic tire compactors – those are rubber tire compactors, effective on both soil and asphalt applications.

No matter if you prefer new or used Caterpillar rollers, it is easy to find the machine that best suits your needs, as they are sold all over the world. You can find many classified ads with Caterpillar rollers for sale at The range of sizes and configurations can meet many expectations, so you will definitely find a machine you need. Popular models are:

Caterpillar CB 64, Caterpillar CB 236, Caterpillar CB 279