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Volkswagen trucks for sale

Here is a list of currently available used Volkswagen trucks for sale at You may sort the ads of Volkswagen trucks by price, year of production, meter readout or country. There is also a list of all used Volkswagen trucks grouped by model.
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Volkswagen Trucks

The Volkswagen first appeared in 1933 in response to the need for a fuel efficient automobile that could cruise at 62 mph and get 33 miles per gallon. Volkswagen translates into English as "people`s car."

From 1952 until 1967, the Volkswagen trucks were introduced into the market worldwide. They were manufactured with both diesel and gasoline engines. The dropgate trucks were quite popular, with their unique sides that opened to reveal compartments on both sides.

Top Models of Volkswagen Trucks for Sale

The most popular Volkswagen truck in the United States is the commonly used Rabbit truck. These were made between 1980 and 1983. This model boasts a huge 45mpg fuel efficiency rating which is obtained from having a 1.5-liter diesel engine in combination with the lightweight truck itself. Volkswagen trucks can still be purchased on websites such as

In 1996, with the opening of a new factory in Resende, South Rio de Janeiro, Volkswagen trucks and buses became the largest manufactured transport vehicles in Brazil. Volkswagen produces a full range of trucks, from light duty to super heavy duty. "A Volkswagen Truck for every kind of load," is one of the most famous marketing tools. This began the birth of the tailor made trucks. The super heavy duty Constellation is a semi with a sleeper cab. The Worker is widely used as garbage trucks, milk trucks and water trucks. The Delivery is in a class with semi-light trucks and cargo vans and is widely used for hotshot deliveries. It is specifically designed for pick-ups and deliveries. The Volksbus can be purchased in sizes from 5 to 17 tons. It is used in many cities as public transportation. Volkswagen trucks also include military transport vehicles.

Popular models:

Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen T15, Volkswagen Crafter

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