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Used fire trucks for sale

Fire trucks are heavy-duty vehicles that are specifically designed to aid in the extinguishment of flames, as well as transporting vital tools to different areas of need. As the term 'fire truck' generally includes a wide umbrella of different vehicles, there are some specialized forms of firefighting machines that are more fitted for rescue missions, the removal of hazardous waste, or for especially catastrophic fires. Some of the most popular brands of fire truck are Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Spartan, and these brands are trusted predominantly for their reliability and durability. Firefighting in particular is a dangerous job that can be life-threatening at times, making having a fully-functional vehicle critical.

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  •  SUTPHEN DELUGE, 1987, Fire Trucks

    SUTPHEN DELUGEPower type: Diesel, Attachments: 1987 Sutphen Deluge Pumper Fire Truck Year: 1987 Make: Sutphen Model: Deluge

    Fire Trucks
    1987 111,675 miles
    United States, Miami

    21,000 USD
  • Spartan GLADIATOR, 1997, Fire Trucks

    Spartan GLADIATORColor: Red, Additional Information: Description: 1997 Pierce Gladiator Ladder Truck, Detroit Series 60 Diesel, Allison A/T with Retarder, A/C, Seats 6, Code 3 Lights & Communic

    Fire Trucks
    United States, Truck Site

    69,500 USD

    PIERCE HEAVY DUTY RESCUE PUMPERAdditional Information: VIN: 54243 Engine Manufacturer: Detroit Engine Type: 6V92 Transmission Speed: Automatic Steering Wheel Side: Left Hand Drive Fuel Type: Dies

    Fire Trucks
    United States, Covington, Tennessee

    5,500 USD
  • E-one Titan HPR, 1998, Fire Trucks

    E-one Titan HPRPower type: Diesel, Attachments: 1998 E-One Titan HPR (8x8) Aircraft, Rescue and Firefighting Vehicle 1,000 horsepower Main engine Hour Meter: 2,949 Twin Disc Tr

    Fire Trucks
    United States

    250,000 USD
  •  PIERCE ARROW, 1991, Fire Trucks

    PIERCE ARROWEngine power: 240, Front tire size: 11R2.5, Rear tire size: 11R2.5, Color: Red, Additional Information: Description: 1991 Spartan Pumper, Cummins 8.3 (240HP) Diesel, Allison MTB653 Auto Transmission, Block Heater, 63,775 Miles, Seat 4 (2 SCBA S

    Fire Trucks
    1991 63,775 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    23,900 USD
  •  PIERCE LANCE, 1991, Fire Trucks

    PIERCE LANCEAdditional Information: VIN: MA000242 Engine Manufacturer: Detroit Engine Type: 6V92 Transmission Speed: Automatic Steering Wheel Side: Left Hand Drive Fuel Type: D

    Fire Trucks
    United States, Covington, Tennessee

    7,000 USD
  •  Pierce Custom Pumper, 1993, Fire Trucks

    Pierce Custom PumperPower type: Diesel, Attachments: 1993 Pierce Custom Pumper 4P1CT0200PA000354/ PU135000 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA “DDECII”, 350 HP, Allison HT 741 “ATEC” 65 Gallons,

    Fire Trucks
    United States

    25,000 USD
  • GMC 3500 HD, 2003, Fire Trucks

    GMC 3500HDWheelbase: 137, Color: White, Additional Information: Description: 2003 GMC 3500 4x4 Wildland Brush Truck, 6.0L Gas Engine, Auto Transmission, 52,997 Miles, Fedaral Signal Siren, Cascade Fire Eq

    Fire Trucks
    2003 52,997 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    29,500 USD
  •  PIERCE ARROW, 1992, Fire Trucks

    PIERCE ARROWEngine power: 350, Wheelbase: 200, Front tire size: 315/80R22.5, Rear tire size: 315/80R22.5, Color: Yellow, Additional Information: Description: 1992 Pierce Arrow 4x4 Fire Pumper, CAT 3406B (350HP), Allison HT740 Auto Transmission, ONLY 10,757 Miles, Engine Heater, Pump H

    Fire Trucks
    1992 10,757 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    39,500 USD
  •  PIERCE ARROW, 1992, Fire Trucks

    PIERCE ARROWFront tire size: 12R22.5, Rear tire size: 12R22.5, Color: Red, Additional Information: Description: 1992 Pierce Arrow Fire Pumper, Detroit Silver 92 Series - 3,600 Hours on Detroit Reliabilt, Allison HT740 Auto Transmission, T

    Fire Trucks
    1992 138,522 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    18,900 USD
  • International RE, 2016, Fire Trucks

    International Tanker Fire TruckPower type: Diesel, Additional Information: 2016 International Tanker Fire Truck, 300 Hp Cummins Diesel Engine, Allison Auto Trans. 2000 Gal Poly Tank – Honda GX630, 500 GPM Water Pum

    Fire Trucks
    2016 9,919 miles
    United States, FOB Midwest

    171,380 USD
  • Ford F 8000, 1985, Fire Trucks

    Ford f8000 welch pumper fire truckPower type: Diesel, Amount of previous owners: 1, Registration year: 2018, Date of latest inspection: 2018, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Axle configuration: 4x2, Drive type: Back, Drive: Left hand, Cabin: Day cab, Engine power: 225, Transmission: 5 speed manual, Wheelbase: 207", Gross weight: 12700.5, Tank volume: 2839.06, Color: red

    Fire Trucks
    1985 9,312 miles
    United States, Champion Motor Cars

    9,950 USD
  • E-one FIRE TRUCK, 1992, Fire Trucks

    E-one FIRE TRUCKTransmission: TransportDimensions, Additional Information: 1992 E-ONE FIRE TRUCK, Titan model, 8V92T Detroit diesel, Allison auto, 24R21 tires, 196 in wheel base, roof turret Feccon, 1500 gallon wate

    Fire Trucks
    1992 13,660 miles
    United States, Greensboro, NC

    59,000 USD
  • Ford F 800, 1988, Fire Trucks

    Ford F800Engine power: 185, Front tire size: 9R22.5, Rear tire size: 9R22.5, Color: Yellow, Additional Information: Description: 1988 Ford F800 Scene Lighting Truck, Ford 7.8L Diesel, Allison AT545 Auto Transmission, 122,877 Miles, Emergency Sirens and Lig

    Fire Trucks
    1988 122,877 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    11,900 USD
  • Spartan GLADIATOR, 1993, Fire Trucks

    Spartan GLADIATOREngine power: 400, Color: Red, Additional Information: Description: 1993 Spartan Gladiator Fire Pumper, Detroit 60 Series (400HP), Allison HTB741 Auto Transmission, 113,903 Miles, 44,440 GVW, 4 D

    Fire Trucks
    1993 113,903 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    26,900 USD
  • E-one COMMERCIAL CHASSIS, 1984, Fire Trucks

    E-one COMMERCIAL CHASSISAdditional Information: VIN: 1AA89E1F03567 Steering Wheel Side: Left Hand Drive Odometer: 81000 Miles Description: This Classic drives and works well. Powerful Det

    Fire Trucks
    United States, Boston, Massachusetts

    5,900 USD
  • Spartan Custom Rescue Pumper, 1998, Fire Trucks

    Spartan Custom Rescue PumperAttachments: 1998 Spartan Custom Rescue Pumper Mileage: 73,519 miles 10,862 Hours Southern Coach Chassis Seating for 4 Cummins Diesel Eng

    Fire Trucks
    United States

    49,000 USD
  • International S 1800, 1989, Fire Trucks

    International S1800Color: Red, Additional Information: Description: 1989 International S1800 4x4 Fire Pumper, DT466 Diesel, Allison MT643 Auto Transmission, 185,206 Miles, Master Body Works Body,

    Fire Trucks
    1989 185,206 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    24,900 USD
  • HME WESTATES, 2001, Fire Trucks

    HME WESTATESEngine power: 350, Wheelbase: 168, Color: Red, Additional Information: Description: 2001 HME 1871 Series Fire Engine, Cummins ISC (350HP), Allison MD3066 Auto Transmission, 105,437 Miles, 5,264 Hours, 168 Wheelb

    Fire Trucks
    2001 105,437 miles
    United States, Truck Site

    89,500 USD
  •  PIERCE LANCE, 1990, Fire Trucks

    PIERCE LANCEAdditional Information: VIN: LA000542 Engine Manufacturer: Detroit Engine Type: 6V92 Transmission Speed: Automatic Steering Wheel Side: Left Hand Drive Fuel Type: D

    Fire Trucks
    United States, Covington, Tennessee

    6,000 USD

The typical fire truck is fitted with at least one high-powered water hose spigot, a ladder that can aid in rescues from high places, and a vast array of communication devices. Various tool compartments are stored amongst the hull of the vehicle, maximizing its capabilities as a lifesaving machine. The history of the fire truck dates back to the 1700s, where the first fire truck prototypes came in the form of carts equipped with water pumps. After the invention of the steam engine, the first actual fire engine was created in 1905. Since then, new technologies have allowed engineers to design machines that are more efficient, more secure, and even more advanced than ever before.

When setting out to purchase a fire truck, the age of the truck, its mileage, and its features are all things that should be accounted for throughout the entire course of the buying process. Given this, Mascus USA offers a wide selection of different fire engines, sold by a variety of different retailers and owners on their website, which could end up helping you immensely in your search for a quality used fire engine. As with any used vehicle, mileage is an important factor to consider while shopping for a fire truck, as it is the best indicator of how much use the engine listed for sale has been subjected to. A good juxtaposition between usage and price is desirable when looking for your fire truck, and typically, the older the model is, the more more miles it will have on it. Given this, there can sometimes be a strong correlation between features and age on a fire truck. Older models tend to have truck beds and are smaller, whereas newer fire engine models tend to be longer and have multiple compartments to store tools and equipment. Water output is also something that should be considered when buying a fire truck. In general, better trucks are able to put out the most efficient amounts of water possible, and price-range permitting, an engine fit with higher water output can be a better investment.

Three of the best fire truck models are the Mercedes-Benz Crashtender Sides Airport Fire Truck, the Renault 85.150 4X4, and the Spartan Gladiator. The Mercedes-Benz Crashtender seamlessly combines sleek manufacturing with incredible accessibility, and its proficiency in settings like airstrips and airports is unparalleled. The Renault 85.150 4X4 is more of a versatile engine, although it is a 1993 model. The truck is equipped with a rear-facing cable that can be attached to heavy objects, and its heavy duty appearance and build makes it easier to use in less-than-ideal terrain types. Lastly, the Spartan Gladiator is a classic American fire truck with iconic design. This truck is equipped with a tall ladder that makes it specialized for high places. Its labyrinth of different storage compartments is another bonus that it offers. All three of these truck models can be fantastic options.

Firehouse Expo is an event taking place in Nashville, Tennessee's Music City Center during October 17-21 of 2017. At this convention, some of the most cutting-edge technology in the firefighting business will be unveiled to the public. Fire truck seekers should definitely consider attending this event in order to discover more about the industry's mechanical side.

Buyers and sellers of fire engines alike should check out Mascus USA for all of their fire truck needs. Listing your used fire truck on Mascus USA's website will undoubtedly get your machine on the screens of countless global potential buyers. You can register here to publish your vehicle. If you're looking to purchase a fire truck, the amount of engine models and makes listed is simply unparalleled with Mascus USA.