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CategoryOther Trailers
Brand / modelHowo 8x2 head truck
Amount of previous owners1
Date of latest inspection201909
Condition level grade (1-5)
Max. payload110,231 lbs
Gross weight22,046 lbs
Guarantee6 month
Front tires / undercarriage remaining95 %
Front tire size12
Rear tire size12
Production countryChina
Additional InformationAndy(whatsapp:+8613761650993)
(Wechat: Andy596919354)
(Q Q :2598104775)
This Howo 8x2 head truck other trailers item is not available anymore. However, Mascus USA has other Howo 8x2 head truck other trailers on our website that may interest you. Details - Amount of previous owners: 1, Date of latest inspection: 201909, Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Max. payload: 110,231 lbs, Gross weight: 22,046 lbs, Guarantee: 6 month, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 95 %, Front tire size: 12, Rear tire size: 12, Production country: China