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    Used firetrucks & other public Service vehicles for sale


    What are public service vehicles?

    Among numerous types of vehicles, public service vehicles occupy a special place. Among them, you can find firetrucks, garbage trucks, police cars and motorcycles, ambulances, vacuum trucks, sweeper trucks, recovery vehicles and municipal vehicles. This vast category of machines comprises all vehicles that serve the well-being of city dwellers by providing safety, emergency healthcare, maintenance, hygiene and many other services that are essential for city dwellers. Of course, these kinds of machines, especially police cars, firetrucks and ambulances, can`t break down easily as it would negate their primary function. That`s why every person taking care of the city`s services has to take into account the efficiency and reliability of the vehicles they buy. At the same time, we are fully aware that cities don`t have inexhaustible amounts of money to spend – that`s why we recommend looking at the used public service vehicles for sale section on Mascus! What we have there are public service vehicles that have been used by people from all over the world, for reasonable prices. As they have already been used, the former owner can tell you everything about their efficiency and reliability. Among the manufacturers of the used public service vehicles for sale on Mascus, you can find such household brands as Ford, International, Volvo, GMC and Chevrolet – so, as you can tell, these are respected and reliable producers. You can either check out the whole list of used public service vehicles for sale, or you can search specifically for certain categories: used firetrucks for sale, used ambulances for sale, used police cars for sale, etc. You can also filter the search results by price, chassis options, location, axle configuration, emission class, drive and vintage. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the machines are described in detail in the ad, which contains also photos and sometimes videos that allow you to actually see the vehicle before buying it. If you register on the site, you can also create lists of Favorite Ads and come back to them later.

    How to buy a used public service vehicle on Mascus?

    While browsing through the used public vehicles for sale on Mascus, you have surely noticed that the advertisements contain one more important piece of information – the contact details of the seller. They are there for you so that you can deal with them directly or ask additional question if needed. Remember that if you need additional services, such as transportation, evaluation, repairs or spare parts, you can find banners of these kinds of companies on the right side of the page. What to do if you can`t find the vehicle that would meet your needs? If you are registered, you can place a Want Ad with information on your requirements. The ad will then be sent to all Dealers selling used public service vehicles and they will contact you directly if they can help you.

    How to sell a used public vehicle on Mascus?

    Thanks to a simple on-line form, you can quickly register as an End User or a Dealer. The first option is better if you only have one or few used public service vehicles for sale, and the second one is for people who own stocks of used public vehicles for sale or wish to deal in them regularly. Each option guarantees you password-protected access to additional Mascus site options, with the Dealer option being the more advanced.