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CategoryDump Trucks
Brand / modelHowo 8x4
Meter read-out18,020 miles
Amount of previous owners1
Date of latest inspection201909
Condition level grade (1-5)
Guarantee6 month
Max. payload110,231 lbs
Gross weight37,479 lbs
Cargo Space23 m3
Front tires / undercarriage remaining95 %
Production countryChina
Additional InformationAndy(whatsapp:+8613761650993)
(Wechat: Andy596919354)
(Q Q :2598104775)
This Howo 8x4 dump Trucks item is not available anymore. However, Mascus USA has other Howo 8x4 dump Trucks on our website that may interest you. Details - Amount of previous owners: 1, Date of latest inspection: 201909, Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Meter read-out: 18,020 miles, Guarantee: 6 month, Max. payload: 110,231 lbs, Gross weight: 37,479 lbs, Cargo Space: 23 m3, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 95 %, Production country: China