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Used tractor Units for sale - All created within 24h

Mascus has a wide variety of used tractor Units available for sale in their online marketplace for trucks and heavy machinery. With products made by industry-leading manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo. Mascus offers top of the line equipment that is built to last. With new listings being added daily, customers are able to find the equipment and parts they need, for any construction project. Browse related categories including trucks, vans and conventional trucks & tractor trucks. Can't find what you're looking for? Submit a want ad and we'll send it to equipment sellers advertising in Mascus.
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What are used tractor units?

Tractor units belong to the large goods vehicle category, have several axles and are designed to move trailers and semi-trailers. The biggest advantage of a tractor unit is the possibility to change trailers quickly by detaching the unit, which allows it for doing work while cargo is loaded or unloaded. Tractor units can be attached to a huge variety of trailers thanks to a mechanical lock system, such as a fifth wheel coupling. Tractor units can be equipped with a crane between the unit and the trailer, which allows for grappling material and placing it on the trailer. Tractor units can also haul tankers, also with inflammable materials if they are equipped in appropriate anti-fire devices. Tractor units are used mostly as freight vehicles, as they allow for greater flexibility than rigid trucks. That is why so many people working in transportation choose tractor-trailer combination for their jobs. If you are one of them and are looking for a good-quality used tractor unit for sale, why not check out the Tractor Units category on Mascus? We offer used tractor units for sale from such well-known manufacturers as MAN, International, Mercedes-benz, DAF and Volvo. Volvo's units are especially popular on the site, in particular VNL 64, VNM 64T, WG 42, VNM 42 models. You can browse among trucks with different emission rates, chassis and body options, as well as cabin options (tractor units with sleeper cabs are very practical and thus very popular). If you are looking for a particular model of tractor unit, you can perform a simple search using the search box at the top of the page and then filter only the used tractor units for sale that you are interested in, according to manufacturer, model, year of production and other options.

How can I buy used tractor units?

Buying a used tractor unit on Mascus is very easy. Under each advertisement, you have the contact details of the seller. You can use them to contact the seller directly and deal with them. Please note that Mascus does not own any of the tractor units advertised on the site, as we are only a marketplace. In the ad you can also find additional information about the tractor unit that you are interested in, as well as photos. If you need additional services for your used tractor unit, please check the right side of the page for services such as evaluation, repairs or spare parts. What if you can't find the used tractor unit for sale that you were looking for? You can always place a Want Ad on the site, which will be sent to all the Dealers trading in tractor units and they will contact you personally. How can I sell used tractor units? In order to sell your used tractor unit on Mascus, you have to register first. If you have a stock of tractor units or want to deal in them regularly, please register as a Dealer – this way, you will receive more special Mascus options, such as additional payment options, etc. Otherwise, you can register as an End User and after your application is confirmed, you can start advertising your used tractor units for sale thanks to a simple on-line form. Buying and selling tractor units on Mascus is easy!