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Asphalt cold milling machines for sale

Mascus has a wide variety of used asphalt cold milling machines available for sale in their online marketplace for trucks and heavy machinery. Find listings from leading manufacturers including Caterpillar, Wirtgen and CMI. Browse related categories including asphalt pavers, asphalt mixing plants and asphalt/tar sprayers & sealers.

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Up until the 1970’s most asphalt milling machines used heat as a part of the process to strip and rebuild roads. The cold machines were built as an alternative that used far less oil. The asphalt cold milling machines also introduced the conveyor belt built into the machine that allowed it to transport the broken asphalt to a dump truck to be recycled. The way that the machines carbide cutters penetrate the asphalt along with the rolling drum help preserve the asphalt in larger chunks rather than being broken up by pile drivers before being scooped. This innovation was an advancement for both the profit of companies as well as a more eco-friendly substitute.

When buying asphalt cold milling machines operators and construction managers both have multiple facets to consider with such a major purchase. Many road construction companies will have multiple milling machines on hand for jobs with areas of the road to be milled that vary in size. For example, when replacing one or more lanes the most efficient machines will be the largest models, such as a half-lane machine. However, in circumstances where a small part of a road has suffered from raveling from roots or other causes, small to medium-sized machines are able to hone in on the area of concern more efficiently than their larger counterparts. Another major issue to consider is whether the machine you are buying is new or used. While the drums, tool holders, and carbide cutters can more easily be replaced, the overall wear and tear of the machine can make a major difference when buying used.

Due to the unified task of asphalt cold milling machines the differences from one machine to another are relatively minimal. Their universal similarities lead to size being the primary variability. However, the diversity they bring in their dimension and potential output makes up for their uniformity elsewhere. Wirtgen, one of the most recognized brands that makes cold milling machines currently has 33 different models being produced throughout the year. That number doesn’t even include all their past models that are sold on sites on used heavy equipment sites like Mascus. Wirtgen’s smallest model, the W 35 Ri, is handy and more easily transported between job sites with a comparatively short length of 9.5 feet long. The W 35 Ri has a slim cutting width of 13 inches and can be used for more precise jobs on small areas of the road that need replacing. Conversely, the biggest of the Wirtgen models is able to cut over 7 feet of asphalt. Machines of this size are often referred to as half-lane milling machines.

Every two years leaders and participants in the road construction industry gather to share ideas, display new products and technologies, and build connections that help to grow their business. This event is called the World of Asphalt Show and Conference. Partnering with the AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo, the World of Asphalt brings in industry-leading brands like Wirtgen, Caterpillar, and Bitelli to the exhibit area full of asphalt cold milling machines. The next conference will take place March 6-8, 2018 in Houston, Texas.

With many buyers favoring the cost efficiency of used machines over new ones, construction companies are taking advantage of online databases of used heavy equipment that include asphalt cold machines for sale. One of these companies, Mascus, uses an accessible keyword search query that helps users navigate towards the type of asphalt cold milling machine for their construction company. Additionally, users can narrow their used machine results by brand or country of origin. On the other hand, sellers of used asphalt cold milling machines are able to post ads for free on after breezing through the basic registration form on their website.