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Backhoe loaders John Deere 310

One of the construction industries most common and versatile machines are backhoe loaders. Backhoe loaders are front-end loaders equipped a dual-knuckled hydraulic arm on the back of their frame. By having a swiveling bucket seat, the backhoes operator can turn a full 360º to operate each side of the machine as needed. One of most highly lauded backhoe loaders is the John Deere 310. By having a bucket attached to the hydraulic arm on the back of the loader these machines are able to not only push and scoop with their front, but also dig and dump with their rear apparatus. In order to help stabilize them, backhoe loaders use two to four legs that lower from their corners. These legs help prevent tipping and flipping while the John Deere 310 is digging.

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You can follow the John Deere 310's roots all the way back to the 1837 when John Deere himself began to create innovative machines for farmers, but it wasn't until 1918 when the predecessors of the 310 began to emerge in the form of fuel powered tractors. The idea of having and excavator originated from rival companies JCB and Case in the late 1950's, but it wasn't along until John Deere adapted the technology and began attaching backhoe arms onto their front loaders. John Deere began the 310 line in 1971 and it had only half the horsepower todays 310s maintain.

The John Deere 310s get much of their use for smaller construction tasks or on farms. This is largely due to the fact that the 310 line is John Deere's smallest of the double-sided diggers. When future buyers are considering obtaining a used John Deere 310 they should first think about how much power they are looking for. Other more powerful John Deere backhoe loader models, such as the John Deere 710L, are able to dig 3 feet deeper than the 310. However, the 710L is significantly pricier and much bigger, causing it to require more upkeep and have less fuel efficiency. Its also important to keep in mind the amount of wear a used John Deere 310 has endured over the years. An overused machine may be a negative investment in the long-run. However, a used John Deere 310 that has been well maintained can save the a buyer thousands of dollars compared to buying almost the exact same backhoe loader off the lot.

With the loader in the front and bucket in the back, the dual functionality of backhoe loaders already makes it stand out as a highly efficient machine. However, this is just the beginning of the capabilities of the John Deere 310. The multi-faceted nature of the 310 lies in its ability to switch out attachments on both the front and back of the tractor. The front arms of loaders are typically fitted with buckets can replaced with rakes or grapples to grasp larger items that are unable to fit into the normal bucket. The John Deere 310 can also use a two-pronged fork attachment to lift and maneuver large crates or bins that need to remain upright. The backhoe on the 310 is similarly able to apply different attachments dependent on the job requirements at the time. One example that is a far cry from the normal bucket, are hydraulic hammers. These attachments contain a rapid-fire moving metal piece that acts as a hammer to break up rocks, concrete, or asphalt

John Deere's 310 backhoe excavator line is a regularly featured product at North Americans largest construction and heavy equipment expo. This expo, called CONEXPO-cON/aGG, is the feature event for John Deere and many other brands to release and display their newest technologies. Industry leading experts also give keynotes and educational classes on pertinent issues and advancements happening in construction. CONEXPO-cON/aGG take place in Las Vegas once every three years. The next event will commence in March of 2020 continuing its tradition of featuring the world's leading tractor brand, John Deere

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