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John Deere backhoe loaders for sale

Mascus has a wide variety of used John Deere backhoe loaders including top models such as the John Deere 310, John Deere 410 and John Deere 710. Browse related categories including John Deere wheel loaders, John Deere skid steer loaders and John Deere mini loaders.

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The larger >John Deere backhoe loader models certainly play an important role on construction sites across North America, but the most popular, by a large margin, is the John Deere 310. Unlike front loaders or dozers, backhoes are know for their versatility more than their brute strength. For this reason, many project managers and foremen use the a John Deere 310 backhoe loader for relatively lighter tasks like digging, transporting material short distances, or implementing one of its many attachments for a specialized task such as street sweeping or making post holes with an auger.

Although John Deere backhoe loader line is not known particularly for their strength, that does not discount the power of some of their larger models. When potential buyers are searching for a machine that can take on trees more like a heavy duty front loader and also want to exercise the reaching dig of a large excavator the John Deere 710L is the piece of heavy machinery to turn to. While the 710L still maintains all of the diverse functionality of the smaller backhoe loaders, it also is able to tackle head duty loads with its PowerTech Plus diesel engine that manages a net horsepower of 110. Size and weight equals strength and power when manipulating materials with heavy equipment. The weight of the vehicle helps provide ground resistance and traction when moving heavy items or digging deep trenches. Another feature that the John Deere 710L has in order to maintain stability via groundingare it stabilizer legs. At each corner in the back of the machine frame there is a hydraulic leg that simultaneously descends and extends to plant itself firmly in the ground. This gives resistance to the pulling force of the backhoe bucket while it is digging. This extra support is particularly necessary when the arm is extended far. The far reaching arm of the 710 can actually extend a full 30 feet before pivoting its bucket downwards to make a scoop and can also dig 17 feet straight down. To counter-balance this potential lopsidedness, whether it digging or reaching its max dump height of nearly 10 feet, the 710L maintains an operating weight of 12,262 lbs. This weight stems from the magnitude of this John Deere multi-functional machine. Without its backhoe arm out stretched the frame of the 710L reaches 27 feet long and stands over 14.5 feet tall. Its 4WD wheelbase spans over 8 feet helping to provide a wide base of traction and support for the operator while driving on diverse terrain. All these features keep the John Deere 710L as a leader of the heavy duty backhoe loaders across all industries.

Outside of its most powerful backhoe loader as well as its most popular one, John Deere has other mid-size backhoe loaders such as the 315SL and the 410L for projects varying in size. However, the biggest distinctions between types of John Deere backhoe loaders is their ability to utilize different attachments, not the differences between the models themselves. Much like skid steers, backhoe loaders can easily detach both their front and back buckets and replace them with a plethora of different tools. The broad ability of these machines are what makes them staple units for every agricultural or construction operation. For ranches and hay farms John Deere created bale spears, small-square bale forks, round-bale huggers, manure forks (with and without grapples), large square bale squeezes, free-stall scrapers, and silage defacers. For other agricultural and produce-oriented tasks John Deere manufactures attachments like sprayers that attach to the back of the backhoe loader or the multi-purpose 4-in-1 bucket that attaches to the front hydraulic arms. John Deere backhoe loaders are also adept at clearing and displacing land by attaching dozer-style blades, clawed root grapples, and the heavy duty rock buckets. For road maintenance attachments like debris blowers can be attached to the back of the machine. However, in snowy weather you can often see John Deere backhoe loaders with snow plow attachments or snowblowers clearing the road.

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To continue with the car analogy, more and more people are leaning towards buying used to save money. The backhoe loader market is no different. Just like a car, a John Deere backhoe loader loses significant value the second it is driven off the lot. To combat this problem buyers often go to sites like Unlike used heavy equipment trader magazine, Mascus is updated daily with new used heavy equipment such as used John Deere backhoe loaders. These uploads are being done by everyday owners and businesses just trying to get rid of their used machines. They are able to do so by signing up on Mascus and uploading their ad all in the same day.