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    New Holland skid steer loaders for sale

    One of the most compact and efficient machines in the heavy machinery world is New Hollands line of skid steer loaders. Built on a rigid frame, a skid steer loader incorporates various attachments to the end of its two parallel arms at the front of the machines frame. Skid steers are different from their front loader counterparts in two main areas. First, while using either wheels or tracks on 4 separate axels, the skid steer is able to lock down one side of its driving mechanism and pivot 360º. Secondarily, the skid steer is built with its vertically moving arms attaching to the back of the machine while reaching and operating in the front, giving its small frame an optimal weight-bearing balance while lifting.

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    New Hollands roots dig all the way back to the mid-1890s. Its name originated from the town of New Holland, Pennsylvania where its founder was a proponent for the the agricultural community and developed beneficial products for local farmers to increase their output through the means of mechanization. However, New Holland did not create the first skid steer loaders. The technology for skid steers began in the late 1950s and was adapted later in the century by New Holland. Since then, New Holland has been a prominent name in the construction and agricultural industries with their skid steers and other heavy machines.

    An often overlooked effect of the skid steer loaders axel-locking, pivoting mechanism is how it can tear up the ground. When you are looking to buy a used New Holland skid steer make sure to consider the ground you will be operating on. Tracked machines are known to tear up asphalt and should primarily be operated outdoors on dirt, gravel, or other pliant surfaces that wont give the machine a stiff resistance. Wheeled skid steers, with both less surface contact with the ground and using rubber tires allow skid steers, like the New Holland models, to be used on man-made surfaces. However, it is still important for the operator to maneuver carefully regardless of the venue he is operating. While relatively small, New Holland skid steers are still very heavy and are able to create a great deal of friction while turning causing the ground beneath to potentially be damaged.

    New Hollands skid steer line has much more diversity than first meets the eye. While currently producing eight new models of skid steers there are also over 40 models available on the used market from a more recent time of New Hollands illustrious history in the heavy machinery industry. With such a broad range of power available there is no job too big or small for these durable machines. When a skid steer is needed for a more domestic job or operation on a smaller farm a model such as the L213 will be a frequent go-to for buyers. With a width of just under 6 ft. the most compact of the New Hollands is able to maneuver in every nook and cranny necessary. Its related mid-sized machine, the L220 combines the ideal combination of size and power for larger agricultural operations and construction. While weighing 500 lbs. less than the next two bigger New Holland models, the L220 only hardly loses any comparative horsepower when running at an ideal RPM.

    There are a handful of different events throughout the United States that feature exhibits with skid steers. One of New Hollands biggest skid steer displays can be seen at the Green Industry & Equipment Expo that takes place every year at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. GIE+EXPO brings together the heavy equipment industry biggest names in one location with an emphasis on education and participation. Speaking on demonstrations like New Hollands at the event, one of last years attendees said, this is a great opportunity for us to see whats new and try everything we think we may want to buy in the futures. The next GIE+EXPO will take place on October 17-19 in 2018 boasting more than 850 exhibitors and spanning over 20 acres of demo area.

    With the vast amount of skid steer models that New Holland has created throughout the years, many buyers are turning to online, used heavy equipment distributors like Mascus, as the worlds largest international used heavy equipment distributor, can help connect you to the New Holland skid steer that best fits the needs of your specific operation or job. Begin your quest by using the keyword search with the New Holland skid steer model you want. Then use the optional filters to whittle down to the exact machine for you. Similarly, if you are looking to sell your used skid steer from New Holland, you can have it up for viewing by potential buyers in no time after a quick registration on the Mascus site.