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    Used forestry equipment for sale

    Mascus has a wide variety of used forestry equipment available for sale in their online marketplace for trucks and heavy machinery. With products made by industry-leading manufacturers including Ponsse, John Deere and more.Mascus offers top of the line equipment that is built to last. With new listings being added daily, customers are able to find the equipment and parts they need, for any construction project. Browse related categories including chipping and recycling equipment, harvesters and forwarders. . Can't find what you're looking for? Submit a want ad and we'll send it to equipment sellers advertising in Mascus.
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    • John Deere 648, 2015, SkiddersJohn Deere 648L

      2015 8,898 h
      United States, Lexington, South Carolina

      86,500 USD

      2008 10,037 h
      United States, Lexington, South Carolina

      46,500 USD
    • Caterpillar 545, 2018, SkiddersCaterpillar 545D

      2018 5,957 h
      United States, Montgomery, AL

      150,000 USD
    • Echo BEAR CAT CH611DH, 2008, Slasher SawsEcho BEAR CAT CH611DH

      Slasher Saws
      United States, Navasota, Texas

      18,000 USD
    • Tigercat 720, 2018, Feller BunchersTigercat 720G

      Feller Bunchers
      2018 8,141 h
      United States, Hickory, Mississippi

      On Request
    • Tigercat 718, 2005, Feller BunchersTigercat 718

      Feller Bunchers
      2005 12,120 h
      United States, Waverly, VA

      31,250 USD
    • Ponsse Ergo 8W, 2013, HarvestersPonsse Ergo 8W

      2013 15,500 h
      United States, Rhinelander

      On Request
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    • Rayco C85F, 2006, Forestry MulchersRayco C85F

      Forestry Mulchers
      United States, RICH CREEK, Virginia

      18,900 USD
    • Paccar INC. PA140-316V WINCH, 2014, WinchesPaccar INC. PA140-316V WINCH

      United States, Austell, GA

      29,500 USD
    • Caterpillar 525, 2015, SkiddersCaterpillar 525D

      2015 65,155 h
      United States, Birmingham, Alabama

      On Request
    • Caterpillar 521, 2016, Feller BunchersCaterpillar 521B

      Feller Bunchers
      2016 1,841 h
      United States, Brewer, ME

      387,904 USD
    •  QUADCO 21C HOT SAW, 2013, Other ComponentsQUADCO 21C HOT SAW

      Other Components
      2013 1 h
      United States, Milford, MA

      59,331 USD
    • Caterpillar 522 B, 2014, Feller BunchersCaterpillar 522B

      Feller Bunchers
      2014 6,478 h
      United States, Lexington, South Carolina

      On Request
    • Tigercat 720, 2016, Feller BunchersTigercat 720G

      Feller Bunchers
      2016 6,811 h
      United States, South Carolina

      109,900 USD
    •  DENIS CIMAF DAF180D, 2020, Forestry MulchersDENIS CIMAF DAF180D

      Forestry Mulchers
      United States, Hickory, Mississippi

      On Request
    • Tigercat 630, 2017, SkiddersTigercat 630E

      2017 5,133 h
      United States, Lexington, South Carolina

      164,900 USD
    • Tigercat H822, 2019, Feller BunchersTigercat H822D

      Feller Bunchers
      2019 2,405 h
      United States, South Carolina

      499,900 USD
    • Indeco 3.5 SS MULCHER, 2021, Forestry MulchersIndeco 3.5 SS MULCHER

      Forestry Mulchers
      United States, San Antonio, Texas

      32,000 USD
    • Caterpillar M 315, 2008, Forestry MulchersCaterpillar HM315

      Forestry Mulchers
      United States, Chesapeake, Virginia

      25,500 USD
    • Tigercat 632E, 2019, SkiddersTigercat 632E

      2019 1,988 h
      United States, South Carolina

      285,000 USD

    Not surprisingly, the most popular machines in an industry tend to be ones that are used more domestically. While big machines like harvesters are necessary to begin the forestry harvesting process on a commercial level, the most commonly used forestry machines in the United States tend to be wood chippers. These portable processing machines are typically hitched or mounted to the back of a truck. They use a feeding system made of a heavy flywheel or drum mounted with blades that shreds the wood into smaller pieces and blows them into a pile. Most residential wood chippers are made to handle smaller limbs and trees. However, some of the bigger machines, often called stub grinders can handle trees up to 6-8 feet in diameter.

    One of the most intriguing (and possibly frightening) forestry machine is a newer concept called a walking harvesters. After over a decade of research both John Deere and Timberjack have revealed and tested prototypes of 6 legged harvesters that can actually walk across terrain that wheels or tracks could not sustain. Each leg on both sides sits at reciprocating angles and has two joints to allow for maximum stability. Like most harvesters, the processing head of this futuristic machine has the complete ability to handle a tree for harvesting. This walking machine uses the claws of its processing head to firmly grasp a tree. It then cuts the tree horizontally and turns it to the ground. Then the rollers inside the head speedily pushes the tree through the machine removing its branches. At this point the operator can cut the tree into the desired log size and repeat the process until the branches are fully removed and the tree has been evenly sliced. Maneuverability is the true strength of the walking harvester but when it comes to brute force in the forestry industry look no further than the Tigercat 726G. Out of all of the machines crawling through the trees, this Tigercat remains the kind of the jungle. The 726G easily takes on grabs and cut trees up to 6 feet in diameter before easing them down to ground by using items felling saw or can attach its bunching saw to cut and hold onto up 8 smaller trees in under a minute. Once the Tigercat 726G is finished with all those trees it requires a massive forwarder to haul them away. The perfect massive machine for the job is the Komatsu 890.3. With an eight-wheeled drive operating weight of over 26 tons this forwarder can haul more than any other of its kind. The Komatsu 890.3 also stretches an astonishing 3 stories long and can reach its crane almost equally as high. The 890.3 is hands down the most impressive machine in the forestry industry.

    Due to such a wide range of tasks needed to be accomplished in the forestry industry, it takes many different types of heavy machines to accomplish every undertaking. In order to efficiently move trees from their upright position two different types of apparatuses are used. The most common of these machines is, quite appropriately, called a harvester. With its multi-functioning processing head, the harvester is arguably one of the most impressive member of the heavy equipment family. The most efficient machines can even grab, cut, and delimb a tree fully grown tree in a matter of seconds. Harvesters use wheels or tracks depending on the terrain and are often articulated for increased stability. The harvesters dynamic head is only fitted for one tree at time, so in order to be able to fell and grab multiple trees before releasing them foresters use a machine called a feller buncher. Similar to the harvester, the feller buncher has a articulated crane like arm but due to its focus on quantity of trees at one time, loses the the functionality of debranching the trees. Because of this feller bunchers are typically followed by a processor to remove the limbs and cutting the tree into sections. Once the trees have been processed and are on the ground skidder or forwarder will pick them and move them. Skidders will carry or skiders the the logs to a designated area to be handled later while forwarder come fitted with a trailer that the crane hovers over to drop in and transport the processed logs.

    With new technologies unfolding, environmental rules changing, and new business connections always needing to be made it is important to stay informed on the happenings of the forestry industry. One way to do this is through the Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Expo. This grand exposition is held in Atlanta, Georgia in June of every other year. The next will be held in 2019. At this event you will have the chance to see what new equipment is on the horizon, attend educational sessions, and talk to representatives within the industry such as researchers from the Auburn School of Forestry, Timber Machine Technologies, and Nelson Bros. Engineering.

    Buying used heavy equipment within the forestry industry isn't always easy. However, certain pages like the Mascus Online Showroom allows potential buyers to search and find the specific machine they need to fit any wide range of forestry needs. Mascus actually has thousands of forestry machines for sale ranging from small wood chippers to huge harvesters. If you are trying to sell your used forestry equipment Mascus also has a simple way for you to get your machine in front of potential buyers from all around the world. You can click here to begin the process and get your used heavy forestry equipment sold.

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