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  • John Deere 1110 E, 2013, Forwarders

    John Deere 1110EDate of latest inspection: 3/1/16, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Carrying capacity: 9979.01, Reach: 975.36, Front tire size: 710, Rear tire size: 710

    2013 6,000 h
    United States, Bark River, MI USA

    250,000 USD
  • Caterpillar TK 711, 2005, Forwarders

    Caterpillar TK 711Additional Information: TRACK HARVESTER - with Logmax 750 Head

    2005 10,415 h
    United States, Pennsylvania USA

    135,000 USD
  • Caterpillar 584 H D, 2011, Forwarders

    Caterpillar 584 HDAdditional Information: Description: 20 ton forwarder Cat diesel engine, Hultdins 360 grapple, Eco tracks, blade, cab Inventory Location: Anderson Equipment Company

    United States, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

    135,000 USD
  • John Deere 1710 D, 2006, Forwarders

    John Deere 1710DDate of latest inspection: 5/25/15, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Carrying capacity: 15422.1, Engine: John Deere, Number of wheels: 8, Front tire size: 750, Rear tire size: 750

    2006 16,000 h
    United States, Powers, Michigan USA

    155,000 USD
  • Caterpillar 574, 2013, Forwarders

    Caterpillar 574Additional Information: EXTENDABLE BOOM

    2013 10,543 h
    United States, Enroute, MI

    159,500 USD
  • Fabtek 546B, 1999, Forwarders

    Fabtek 546BNumber of wheels: 6

    United States, Michigan

    58,000 USD
  • Prentice 2548, 2010, Forwarders

    Prentice 2548Additional Information: 2548 REAR TIRE CHAINS ENCLOSED CAB

    2010 12,138 h
    United States, Brewer, ME

    135,000 USD
  • Komatsu 855.1, 2015, Forwarders

    Komatsu 855.1

    2015 3,000 h
    United States, Rhinelander

    325,000 USD
  • Ponsse Buffalo+, 2002, Forwarders

    Ponsse Buffalo S16Additional Information: Strong Buffalo S16 with a lot of improvements such as new tires, new valve bank, new bucket, new Buffalo style bunks among others. A lot of

    2002 28,000 h
    United States, Rhinelander

    On Request
  • Caterpillar 584, 2013, Forwarders

    Caterpillar 584Additional Information: EXTENDABLE BOOM

    2013 4,040 h
    United States, Enroute, MI

    272,500 USD
  • Timberjack 1110D, 2004, Forwarders

    Timberjack 1110D

    United States, Michigan

    90,000 USD
  • Valmet 840.2, 2004, Forwarders

    Valmet 840.2Number of wheels: 6

    2004 21,200 h
    United States, Wisconsin

    105,000 USD
  • Valmet 890.1, 2002, Forwarders

    Valmet 890.1Additional Information: Description: VALMET MODEL 890 FORWARDER WITH G36 GRAPPLE AND 750/55X26.5 TIRES WITH 1 PAIR OF TRACKS Inventory Location: Anderson Equipment

    United States, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

    On Request
  • Entracon EF75, 2018, Forwarders

    Entracon EF75Carrying capacity: 7500, Engine: John Deere 4045 HF, Engine power: 134.91, Torque: 540, Transmission: Hydrostatic, Number of wheels: 8, Top speed: 25, Crane make: Farma, Reach: 850, Clamp make: Farma, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 8.2x2.3x3.38, Transport weight: 8850, Front tire size: 600, Rear tire size: 600

    Canada, Waterloo, QC

    On Request
  • TimberPro TF840B, 2014, Forwarders

    TimberPro TF840BDate of latest inspection: September 2018, Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Carrying capacity: 22000, Engine: Cummins QSC 8.3 Tier III, Engine power: 300, Number of wheels: 8, Crane make: TimberPro, Reach: 975, Guarantee: Yes-, Front tire size: 750, Rear tire size: 750

    2014 14,300 h
    Canada, Roberval

    321,591 USD
  • Valmet 546F, 1996, Forwarders

    Valmet 546F

    1996 13,100 h
    Canada, Edmonton, Alberta

    37,456 USD
  • Tigercat 1085B, 2015, Forwarders

    Tigercat 1085BDate of latest inspection: 2018, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Carrying capacity: 25, Cargo Space: 6.3e+006, Engine: Mercedes-Benz 906 Tiers 3, Engine power: 275, Transmission: Wide Range, Number of wheels: 8, Top speed: 7.9, Crane make: TigercatF195T85, Reach: 850, Clamp make: Tigercat 435

    2015 12,900 h
    Canada, Dolbeau Mistassini

    226,173 USD
  • Kioti DK 50 Forester, 2002, Forwarders

    Kioti DK 50 Forester


    21,187 USD
  • Caterpillar 584 H D, 2013, Forwarders

    Caterpillar 584HD

    2013 13,575 h
    Canada, Chicoutimi, QC

    165,638 USD
  • Komatsu 895, 2014, Forwarders

    Komatsu 895Date of latest inspection: Printemps 2017, Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Carrying capacity: 18000, Engine: Sisu, Engine power: 258.82, Torque: 1.1, Number of wheels: 8, Top speed: 20, Clamp make: Supergrip 360 1 an usure, Transport weight: 23800, Front tire size: 780/50x28.5, Rear tire size: 780/50x28.5

    2014 10,973 h
    Canada, Dolbeau Mistassini

    173,281 USD

Used Forwarders - About

Forwarders from such brands as Valmet, Timberjack, John Deere, Rottne, Gremo, Ponsse or Logset appear for sale every day. A simple search on Mascus will allow you to browse through thousands of second-hand forwarders and other wood machinery until you find what you are searching for.

Used Forwarders – Other Brands

On Mascus you can find used forwarders from most of the major brands, such as Rottne, Timberjack or Valmet. You can filter your search results by price, location, brand, production year or working hours. To obtain a list of all used forwarders on Mascus, please use our search box. Brands other than specified above are also available on Mascus, including FMG, Valtra, Caterpillar, Osa, Logset and Eco Log.

It is easy to buy or sell a used forwarder on Mascus. There is no commission on the sale and you make the transaction directly with the seller. At the moment, there are thousands of used forwarders for sale in various conditions, offered on Mascus.

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