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    Mascus has a wide variety of used dump Trucks available for sale in their online marketplace for trucks and heavy machinery. With products made by industry-leading manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Volvo. Mascus offers top of the line equipment that is built to last. With new listings being added daily, customers are able to find the equipment and parts they need, for any construction project. Browse related categories including boom / crane / bucket trucks, dump trucks and box trucks. Can't find what you're looking for? Submit a want ad and we'll send it to equipment sellers advertising in Mascus.
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    The standard dump truck is one that you may see on the road hauling loose materials to and from construction sites. It is best fitted for dry terrain and long distance. Conversely, ADTs use a larger tires and a longer, wider axel spread to even out weight distribution for rough terrains. While ATDs fair well in wet conditions, the best navigator for wetlands are tracked dumpers. With tank-like tracks, tracked dumpers thrive in the roughest conditions, but are ill-fitted for pavement. Lastly, the rigid dump truck is frequently used in mines as well as other construction areas with stable surfaces. It is used to haul some of the heaviest loads compared to other dump trucks. A common nickname for a dump truck is an earthmover. They get this name, not surprisingly, because it is exactly what they do. From mines to quarries to construction sites, dump trucks tote parts of the earth from one place to the next. It takes a finely tuned machine to be able to run at the intensity and frequency that dump trucks do, often logging 16+ hours a day on worksites.

    While most dump trucks can hold 10-14 cubic yards of material or about 26 short tons, some larger models will dwarf the standard dump truck when put side by side. One of the biggest dump trucks ever built is the Belaz 75710. This behemoth of a machine rests nearly three stories in the air on tires taller than two average NBA basketball players. The Belaz can haul 500 metric tons of dirt, which is equal to about seven fueled and loaded Airbus A300-200 planes, according to its engineering company Siemens. As big as this giant sits, it can actually reach a top speed of 40 miles per hour as long as its bed is empty. Certainly not something you would want to see barreling to you on any highway though. With it ability to bear twenty times the weight that an average dump truck can manage, it easy to see why this machine is the king of all dump trucks. While harnessing the incredible strength of monster dump trucks is highly beneficial for some massive undertaking in the construction and mining industries, more often smaller and more efficient machines are more beneficial for everyday jobs.

    The most commonly used dump truck in the United States is the standard dump truck. The standard types are capable of traveling at a normal road speed and maneuvering in everyday traffic. The ultimate goal of a dump truck is to maximize efficiency. Each job has different requirements and variables which requires not only experienced drivers, but a diverse range of machines available. For example, if there is a job that needs to be done in a flooded area, most dump trucks would not be fit to travel through the water. However, because of the ingenuity of machines like the tracked dumper progress is able to be made in difficult areas that other dump trucks are unable to access. While most tires create buoyancy and lose grip when driving through water, the heavy tracks of the tracked dumper keep the machine gripped to the ground, even in a few feet of water! While the term does not exclusively apply, tracked dumpers are also often called site dumpers. The evolution of dump trucks is constantly unfolding in front of us with companies that dominate the United States like Caterpillar, Volvo, and Terex that are undergoing never-ending innovation. If you are interested in continuing to learn about the developments in the world of dump trucks you should check out the CONEXPO-cON/aGG event that happens every three years. The next show will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 10th to 14th in 2020. Thousands of exhibitors will be covering a wide range of issues including dump trucks, their new technologies, and the construction industry as a whole. To get all of the display heavy machinery into one area, the conference spans a vast 2.5 million square feet. Some of United States biggest dump truck manufacturers will be hosting exhibits with their newest products, models, and ideas. These companies will include: Volvo, Terramac, Bell Equipment, and many more heavy construction leaders from around the world. The CONEXPO-cON/aGG also provides a good opportunity to connect with other folks who are as equally interested in dump trucks. This conference remains one of the best heavy equipment networking events in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about what dump trucks are available in the US and around the world visit By using the search bar you can find exactly what type of truck you are looking for. If you are looking to sell your used dump truck you can register here to get your machine in front of thousands of interested buyers.