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    Volvo trucks for sale

    Here is a list of currently available used Volvo trucks for sale at You may sort the ads of Volvo trucks by price, year of production, meter readout or country. There is also a list of all used Volvo trucks grouped by model.
    You can also learn about Volvo trucks in Mascus Brands section.

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    • Volvo VHD 64 BT200, 2018, Dump TrucksVolvo VHD

      Dump Trucks
      United States, Lexington, Kentucky

      155,000 USD
    • Volvo VHD 64 B200, 2007, Hook lift trucksVolvo VHD64B200

      Hook lift trucks
      2007 446,999 miles
      United States, Santa Rosa, California

      30,000 USD
    • Volvo WG 64, 2000, Tank TrucksVolvo WG64

      Tank Trucks
      2000 150,235 miles
      United States, Hatfield, Pennsylvania

      44,500 USD
    • Volvo ACL 64, 1988, Dump TrucksVolvo ACL64

      Dump Trucks
      1988 248,354 miles
      United States, Sparrow Bush, New York

      13,900 USD
    • Volvo VHD, 2004, Cab & Chassis TrucksVolvo VHD

      Cab & Chassis Trucks
      2004 1.24 miles
      United States, Marshfield, Wisconsin

      97,000 USD
    • Volvo VHD 64 BT200, 2018, Other TrucksVolvo VHD

      Other Trucks
      United States, Cincinnati, Ohio

      125,000 USD
    • Volvo A 40 F, 2012, Dump TrucksVolvo A40F

      Dump Trucks
      2012 8,873 miles
      United States, Annapolis, Maryland

      159,000 USD
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    • Volvo A 25, 2016, Dump TrucksVolvo A25G

      Dump Trucks
      United States, Annapolis, Maryland

      173,250 USD
    • Volvo A 40 F, 2011, Dump TrucksVolvo A40F

      Dump Trucks
      2011 7,041 miles
      United States, Annapolis, Maryland

      145,000 USD
    • Volvo A 40 F, 2012, Dump TrucksVolvo A40F

      Dump Trucks
      2012 7,460 miles
      United States, Annapolis, Maryland

      169,000 USD
    • Volvo Autocar, 1996, Log trucksVolvo Autocar

      Log trucks
      United States, midwest, North Carolina

      77,000 USD
    • Volvo 4792, 2001, Other TrucksVolvo 4792

      Other Trucks
      United States, JACKSONVILLE, Florida

      75,000 USD
    • Volvo VHD, 2003, Dump TrucksVolvo VHD

      Dump Trucks
      United States, Lexington, Kentucky

      21,000 USD
    • Volvo VHD 64 B200, 2005, Dump TrucksVolvo VHD64B200

      Dump Trucks
      2005 167,947 miles
      United States, Knoxville, Tennessee

      38,900 USD
    • Volvo EC 300, 2013, Dump TrucksVolvo VHD104F300

      Dump Trucks
      2013 43,490 miles
      United States, Ronkonkoma, New York

      119,500 USD
    • Volvo VNL, 1997, Farm and Grain TrucksVolvo VNL64

      Farm and Grain Trucks
      1997 685,000 miles
      United States, Wahpeton, North Dakota

      12,900 USD
    • Volvo VHD 64 B200, 2002, Hook lift trucksVolvo VHD64B200

      Hook lift trucks
      2002 350,001 miles
      United States, Athens, Tennessee

      39,999 USD
    • Volvo VHD84F, 2007, Demountable TrucksVolvo VHD84F

      Demountable Trucks
      2007 318,000 miles
      United States, Boonton, New Jersey

      49,000 USD
    • Volvo VHD, 2005, Skip loader trucksVolvo VHD

      Skip loader trucks
      United States, Robstown, Texas

      42,000 USD
    • Volvo VHD 64 B200, 2004, Dump TrucksVolvo VHD64B200

      Dump Trucks
      2004 927,002 miles
      United States, Robstown, Texas

      39,500 USD

    Volvo Trucks

    AB Volvo is a Swedish company that produces trucks, buses and construction equipment. The first Volvo Trucks appeared in 1928 and were very successful. Currently, Volvo is among the world's largest heavy-duty truck brands.

    What is important, Volvo offers a complete line of trucking solutions to fit every need – regardless of how heavy the load is or where it should be delivered. No matter if you use the truck in heavy city traffic or on the open road, those trucks perform great in terms of power, safety and fuel-efficiency. The popularity of Volvo trucks is a result of combining extremely robust bodies and first class engines. That is why companies carrying out large scale projects are always seriously interested in those vehicles. Many buyers also invest in used Volvo trucks due to their durability. In fact, it is possible to find a used Volvo truck in a perfect condition. When buying one of the Volvo trucks you can be sure that you get the best quality for your money.

    What is important, every Volvo truck is supported by a global network of customer service. Volvo trucks come standard with a level of personalized care that is unmatched in the trucking industry, no matter if it's about financing or roadside assistance. If you are interested in buying new or used Volvo trucks, you will find many interesting ads at

    Top Models of Volvo Trucks for Sale

    The durability of Volvo has been one of the most important features distinguishing the vehicles from that of competitors. Due to worldwide popularity, the company established production plants on other continents – in Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.
    The most popular models of Volvo trucks include: FH, FH16 and FM series in Western Europe, V-series in the USA and FL and FE models in the Middle East and Central Europe.

    Each of the Volvo trucks is built with a specific kind of driver and his needs in mind. If you are planning mostly short, quick trips around urban areas, the Volvo FL is perhaps the most suitable model due to its smooth maneuverability. If you need a truck designed for transporting heavy goods on long distances, you should consider the Volvo FH series instead. Their advantages include: economical engines with up to 540 hp, optional sleeping cab and wide range of chassis options. Volvo VHD is a perfect vehicle for extreme weather, rugged terrain and cramped construction sites. It offers great maneuverability, therefore it perfect also for city traffic as it can easily get you through the tightest spots when there is simply no margin for an error.
    Popular models are: Volvo FH12 box trucks, Volvo FH12 dump Trucks, Volvo FL6 box trucks, Volvo FH12 wrecker Trucks, Volvo FM9 box trucks, Volvo FL10, Volvo FM12 dump Trucks, Volvo FH12 reefer Trucks or Volvo FM7