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Mascus has a wide variety of used boom / Crane / Bucket Trucks available for sale in their online marketplace for trucks and heavy machinery. With products made by industry-leading manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and MAN. Mascus offers top of the line equipment that is built to last. With new listings being added daily, customers are able to find the equipment and parts they need, for any construction project. Browse related categories including dump trucks, box trucks and cab & chassis trucks. Can't find what you're looking for? Submit a want ad and we'll send it to equipment sellers advertising in Mascus.
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Modern crane technology can be traced back to 1851 when the first steam-powered crane was invented. But it wasn't until nearly one hundred years later in 1947 that the Swedish company Hydrauliska Industri AB (Hiab) devised to mobilize the cranes for more efficient use and traveling. Hiab also created the method of using the trucks engine to provide hydraulic power for the cranes instead of them having to use a separate engine.

When looking to buy a crane truck for your company, there are many factors to consider when picking the perfect machine that fits your needs. The first question to address, obviously, is how high the job requires you to be and how much weight you anticipate the crane having to bear. Different size lowers (front of truck) and uppers (crane and back of truck) will determine the lifting power and outstretching distance of each crane truck. When analyzing these factors one must also remember that if extending the hydraulic crane a long distance horizontally is required, extra stability may be necessary to avoid tipping the vehicle. In addition to the weight of the truck, stability comes in the form of mechanical legs called outriggers. These legs either touch or dig into the ground to prevent and tipping of the crane truck. Along with the stability is the importance of terrain. Look at what type of tires the crane truck has on it and make sure that they correlate with the type of terrain it will endure during its use. Lastly, when considering which crane truck best suits the needs of your operation, consider the different methodologies of acquiring one. Buying new machinery is always an exciting experience, but it can also be one of the least cost efficient options. When these new vehicles are purchased they lose significant resale value after their first onsite use. Essentially, you are paying extra simply for something that has not been used. The other two options available to those in the market for crane trucks are renting and buying used. When lifting is only needed for a very short period of time, renting a crane truck may be a viable option to get the job done. However, if the project has an average timeline often the best economical option is to buy a used crane truck. Unlike buying new, finding a used crane truck that fits your needs will you save money and still accomplish all your tasks.

Crane trucks are typically divided into two separate categories based on the intended functionality of their boom. Traditionally, while most people think of cranes being used exclusively for lifting construction equipment and other heavy objects, crane trucks often are fitted with buckets that can be occupied by one to two people. This allows workers to be lifted in hard to reach areas and situations in order to accomplish difficult tasks. One example of a field that frequently uses crane trucks with buckets are workers in the electric power industry. In order to access power lines, electric companies leverage the lifting range of crane trucks to get their technicians close to and remedy any issues. When heavy lifting is required crane trucks will possess an attachment such as a hook, chains, straps, or a mixture of different fasteners that enable the boom to lift and place materials where needed. This is most commonly used in the construction industry when building structures with multiple levels. At times, these two different types of crane trucks can be seen side by side with one crane moving and setting materials while workers in a bucket follow behind securing and putting final touches on the section the lifting crane has placed.

If you would like to learn more about crane trucks, check out Orlando's annual Lifting & Loading Handling Expo hosted by NACB. Every fall thousands of crane operators from around the world gather for training, seminars, and hands-on exercises pertaining to every industry that cranes effect. One of the biggest highlights of the Lifting & Loading Handling Expo are their mobile crane simulators. You will have the chance to sit in a crane cab and operate a virtual crane on a screen to better understand different types of cranes and how to operate them in different environments and industries.

When in the market for a used crane truck many viewers will go to sites like Mascus to find the ideal machine that matches the size, reach, and strength requirements for their job. With filtered searches for particular models and styles, Mascus provides an easy-to-use platform for buying used heavy equipment. Similarly, if you are interested in selling a used crane truck, Mascus can connect your machine with thousands of interested eyes from across the world. To get your used crane truck up for sale simply fill out this registration and let Mascus do the work for you by displaying your ad.